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Wedding Colors
The colors you choose for your wedding have the power to set the entire mood of the event. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely. Choosing your color scheme early on in the planning process will ....... read more
Wedding Gifts
The start of the wedding gift tradition seems to have developed around the dowry given by the bride's family as part of the marriage arrangement. Depending on which country the couple was from the dow ....... read more
Fall Weddings
Fall weddings can be some of the most beautiful and unique weddings of the year. While the vast majority of couples plan summer weddings and many like winter weddings, fall offers many unique opportun ....... read more
Get Free Gifts From Macys With Registry Setup
 Enjoy special gifts when you create & complete your free wedding registry at Macys. Check out the once-in-a-lifetime offers below from the best-loved brands below.Plus, after your w ....... read more
Bridesmaid Gifts
A gift for your bridesmaid is something they will always remember!  It can be one of the hardest wedding gift ideas to come up with. You could either purchase a gift, or make your own. Purchasing ....... read more
Bridal Dresses
Bridal dresses, bridal gowns, what's the difference?  Let's start with this: while all bridal gowns are dresses, not all bridal dresses are gowns. These significant garments go by many differen ....... read more
Bridal Shower Favors
Many brides ask if bridal shower favors are truly necessary.  This will largely depend on where you are from and what your local traditions are. In some parts of the country it is completely unhe ....... read more
Wedding Accessories
Wedding accessories are all the little things that will put your personal mark on your wedding.  From the bridal shower favors, to the wedding ceremony and reception, the wedding accessories you ....... read more
Wedding Shower Games
Many bridesmaids and maids of honor have bridal showers down to a science. They can coordinate everything from the perfect menu to the theme and decorations. Most people realize that a few fun games w ....... read more
Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
There are so many etiquette questions when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day that it is almost overwhelming.  Why should the rehearsal dinner be any different? One of the most crucial ....... read more
Ball Gowns
When it comes to wedding gowns, there are many different silhouettes to choose from.  However, one of the most popular, particularly with large formal weddings, is the ball gown.   It is the ....... read more
Wedding Announcements
What exactly are wedding announcements and do I need them?  Wedding announcements are a way to get the word out about your wedding to the people who either cannot attend your wedding or whom you ....... read more