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Evening Dresses
With so many rules about what to wear to a wedding, an invite can have you completely confused.  You want to be respectful to the bride and groom, but you don't want to be overdressed.  Chec ....... read more
Types Of Wedding Cakes
There are as many different styles, flavors and types of wedding cakes as there are wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, wedding rings and wedding venues.  How do you choose?  At first this c ....... read more
Spring Weddings
Spring is all about new beginnings.  What better time of year to have a wedding than spring?  A wedding in the spring is a great way to symbolize beginning of your new life together and the ....... read more
Bridal Trunk Show
What exactly is a bridal trunk show?  If you have been browsing through wedding gowns recently, you may very well have heard the term used in one if not more of the bridal salons you have visited ....... read more
Wedding Officiants
Planning your wedding can be a full-time undertaking.  What with choosing your wedding flowers, coordinating your bridesmaids dresses and shopping for wedding bands, most couples can easily becom ....... read more
Wedding Programs
Wedding Programs.  Not sure why you need or want them?  Wedding programs may not be as important as wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses, but the program has many purposes.  First, it ....... read more
Best Man Speeches
It has been said that being asked to give a best man speech is much like being asked to kiss the Queen Mother.  It's a wonderful honor to be requested to do so, but no one really wants to do it! ....... read more
Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
There are so many etiquette questions when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day that it is almost overwhelming.  Why should the rehearsal dinner be any different? One of the most crucial ....... read more
Wedding Updos
Are you looking for the perfect way to wear your hair on your wedding day?  Some brides choose to wear their hair down in beautiful curls while other choose wedding updos.  A bride's hairs ....... read more
Wedding Shower Games
Many bridesmaids and maids of honor have bridal showers down to a science. They can coordinate everything from the perfect menu to the theme and decorations. Most people realize that a few fun games w ....... read more
Wedding Announcements
What exactly are wedding announcements and do I need them?  Wedding announcements are a way to get the word out about your wedding to the people who either cannot attend your wedding or whom you ....... read more
Wedding Photographer
Your wedding photos will be your very first family heirloom.  Therefore, hiring a professional wedding photographer should be high on your priority list.  Of course you can commission your ....... read more