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Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are small gifts that are the perfect way for a bride and groom to express their thanks to guests for sharing their special day. Favors are not required and are often replaced with Thank ....... read more
How To Preserve A Wedding Gown
Every bride should protect the investment she has made in her wedding gown and have it professionally cleaned and then stored.  A dry cleaner that specializes in preserving wedding gowns can make ....... read more
Wedding Cake Toppers
Wedding cake toppers have a history that dates back to the late 19th century.  While they became very popular in the mid-20th century, most historians agree they first came on the scene in the 18 ....... read more
Wedding Bands
**Please note that this particular page is referencing wedding bands (rings).  You may have come to this page in search of wedding bands (entertainment).  Information on wedding bands can be ....... read more
Evening Dresses
With so many rules about what to wear to a wedding, an invite can have you completely confused.  You want to be respectful to the bride and groom, but you don't want to be overdressed.  Chec ....... read more
Favors are one of the little details that can sometimes be overlooked but will mean a great deal to the guests that receive them.  Generally favors, when associated with a wedding, will be for th ....... read more
Wedding Jewelry
You have tried on loads of wedding dresses and finally chosen the perfect one.  Now it is time to accessorize your look and shop for some wedding jewelry.  But what exactly is wedding jewelr ....... read more
Wedding Supplies
There are numerous things to think about when planning a wedding.  Shopping for wedding gowns, choosing the bridesmaids dresses, finding your perfect wedding venue, picking your wedding cake. &nb ....... read more
Mens Wedding Bands
Often times couples find the process of choosing the grooms wedding band a bit daunting.  The terminology is like a foreign language and the multitude of styles and metals make it almost impossib ....... read more
Wedding Updos
Are you looking for the perfect way to wear your hair on your wedding day?  Some brides choose to wear their hair down in beautiful curls while other choose wedding updos.  A bride's hairs ....... read more
Wedding Checklist
A bit of planning will go a long way toward having a stress free wedding. After all, this will be the most important day of your life.  Take a look below for a plan to keep you on track right up ....... read more
Wedding Shower Games
Many bridesmaids and maids of honor have bridal showers down to a science. They can coordinate everything from the perfect menu to the theme and decorations. Most people realize that a few fun games w ....... read more