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Complimentary Wedding Essentials Magazine
Wedding Essentials Magazine will send you a free copy of their magazine.    Wedding Essentials will also send you a helpful newsletter along with special offers. They host a wed ....... read more
Free Wedding Chapel For Your Big Day Chapeldulcinea-org
 Located near Austin Texas, the Chapel Dulcinea sits on the Wizard Academy Campus. It is near an ancient walking trail, and is about twenty minutes from Austin. Your wedding can be held here for ....... read more
Wedding Dresses
First Things FirstNow that you are engaged, the very first thing you will be thinking about are wedding dresses or wedding gowns.  Don't even think about trying on any dresses until you have pi ....... read more
Wedding Etiquette
While wedding etiquette has relaxed over time, good common sense and a bit of basic etiquette is still essential during all the phases of your wedding planning.  It is best to familiarize yoursel ....... read more
Wedding Registry
Most couples know what a wedding registry is and realize it is the key to easy gift giving with the minimum of duplicates.  However, do you know where the tradition came from and exactly what a w ....... read more
Wedding Programs
Wedding Programs.  Not sure why you need or want them?  Wedding programs may not be as important as wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses, but the program has many purposes.  First, it ....... read more
Bridal Shower Favors
Many brides ask if bridal shower favors are truly necessary.  This will largely depend on where you are from and what your local traditions are. In some parts of the country it is completely unhe ....... read more
Wedding Announcements
What exactly are wedding announcements and do I need them?  Wedding announcements are a way to get the word out about your wedding to the people who either cannot attend your wedding or whom you ....... read more
Short Dresses
Traditionally, the ideal image of a wedding dress is the long gown with a beautiful train.  However, some brides might want to consider looking at short dresses for their special day.  Also, ....... read more
Casual Dresses
Today, you can hold your wedding just about anywhere you would like.  A beautiful countryside, the beach or even a backyard.  Of course, churches are still the most popular, but with so may ....... read more
Bridal Bouquets
Your bridal bouquet is an accessory for a once in a lifetime event.  Is there any other time you will get to carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers that have been designed especially for you?   ....... read more
Titanium Rings
Titanium has become a standard choice in today's jewelry industry.  Along with gold and platinum, there are numerous options when it comes to metals.  Traditionally, platinum and gold have b ....... read more