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Affordable Wedding Invitations

If you are a couple on a modest budget, you are probably wanting to save money wherever possible.  You may not have thought about your wedding invitations.  You don't have to purchase cheap wedding invitations made from flimsy paper or with blurry printing.  With these tips, you can still have beautiful and affordable wedding invitations.   

Shop Around - Your first thought might be a stationary store, but places like Staples, Office Depot and even Costco carry the exact same invitations for considerably less.  

Printing Techniques - Traditionally, wedding invitations are engraved.  However, thermography will give you that engraved feeling without the cost.  Also, if you are using informal wedding invitations, laser printing is even less expensive.  

Leave Out The Extras - Layers of paper, bows and jackets are all very popular. However, those extras can add up.  Not only do you have to think about the extra cost to produce, but also possible assembly fees along with additional postage costs.  To save money, go with a simple, classic invitation that is printed on high quality paper. Also avoid lined envelopes.  They may be traditional, but you can usually skip this step and no one will notice.

Only One Envelope - Invitations have been traditionally mailed with two envelopes.  However, since mail delivery has progressed and the mail is not usually damaged, you can save money by only using one envelope.  

Use Standard Size Invitations - Many people think that if their invite weighs less than one ounce, they can still use the regular first class stamp.  This is not the case.  There is an additional surcharge for envelopes if they are of an odd size, contain items that make the surface uneven or do not meet the length to height ratio.  

Eliminate the Reception Card - If you are having your reception at the same location as the wedding, you can eliminate the separate reception card.  Just add "reception to follow" on the invitation.  

Use a Postcard RSVP - Instead of using the traditional folded card with an envelope, you can use a postcard for the RSVP.  You will save weight on mailing the invitation as well as saving money in postage per card.

Order Extra - This doesn't seem quite right.  Order more to save money.  However, almost every couple ends up wanting to invite additional guests at the last minute. There is also the possibility of having a few goofs while addressing the invitations.  It is much more cost effective to order a few extra invitations at the time or the original order than it is to order more at the last minute.  Not only are the invitations more on a reprint, but you may incur additional rush charges.  

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