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When it comes to wedding gowns, there are many different silhouettes to choose from.  However, one of the most popular, particularly with large formal weddings, is the ball gown.   It is the ball gown that most women see when they dream of a fairy tale wedding.  When searching for ball gowns, one needs to consider there are many different styles to choose from. While most ball gowns have a fitted bodice and then become very full below the waist, there are others that have a drop waist with the typical full skirt.  

Choosing the right ball gown for your figure is not really as difficult as you might think.  However, there are a few things to consider when shopping for your perfect wedding gown. 

If you have an hour glass figure, a ball gown will work for you.  Brides with hourglass figures have very small waists in comparison to their hips and busts. If you are wanting to accentuate that small waist, a ball gown will do just that. Likewise, if you feel your hips are too large, a ball gown will help to disguise your hips.

If you are pear shaped, that means your bottom half is larger in comparison to your top half.  Many pear shaped women have larger hips and behinds which they want to disguise.  A ball gown skims right over those areas and makes you look as if you are very well proportioned.  

If you are slim or have an athletic build, a ball gown can certainly make you feel quite feminine.  By choosing a ball gown, you will give yourself a beautiful figure by accentuating your waistline while giving the illusion of having a bit more hips.  

There are some body types that just do not work well with ball gowns.  If you have an apple shape, you might want to consider an A-line gown for the ball gown effect.  A ball gown will just cut you in half and really won't work well with your more rounded figure.  If you are a very petite bride a ball gown may not be right for you either.  Ball gowns have lots of width and this can overwhelm a petite figure as well as tend to make you look short.

For brides that want to show rather than hide their curves but still want that full, ball gown look, a drop waist ball gown is the perfect solution. These gowns work well for women with hourglass figures and pear shaped figures.  You may also want to consider a drop waist style ball gown if you have a very short waistline. By having the waistline of the dress below your natural waist, your torso is elongated giving you a beautiful silhouette.  

drop waist ball gown



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