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Beach Wedding Invitations

So you've decided to hold your wedding on the beach; or maybe you are planning a destination wedding to a tropical paradise.  One of the very first things you will need to do is to choose your wedding invitations (especially if you are planning a destination wedding).  

Think about this:  The waves are crashing on the shore and a tiny crab walks across the beach.  A tranquil breeze is blowing and you a hear the seagulls in the distance.  Give your guests the feeling of being right there on the beach when they open your beach wedding invitations.  By choosing beach wedding invitations you can truly set the scene for your beach wedding.  

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When you begin the process of choosing your beach wedding invitations there are a few things you need to think about first.  First of all, you will want to use your invitation to set the mood of your wedding.  A beach wedding is really very special.  It is generally a more casual affair, but still holds a bit of formality just because it is a wedding.  Generally, the feeling you will want to convey to your guests is that your wedding will be romantic, fun, playful and somewhat relaxed.  Whether you choose to order your beach wedding invitations or make them yourself, your invitations will help to set the mood from the very beginning.

You can choose pretty much any type of theme you want that will relate to the beach. Before searching for your invitations, close your eyes.  Imagine yourself at the beach. Whatever images come to mind will be the first ones you will want to consider for your invitations.  Many common things couples use on the beach wedding invitations are starfish, sand dollars, seashells or even kissing dolphins.  Some couples may want to choose just a general beach image.  Maybe your names or initials drawn inside a heart in the sand.  All these thing will definitely convey the message of a beach wedding.  

You can also consider the the accessories when choosing your beach wedding invitations.  Perhaps you will want to choose envelopes the color of sand.  You might also want to add decorative ribbon in your colors or maybe even tiny shells or starfish to seal your envelopes or as embellishments on the invitation itself.  

Whether you choose to make your beach wedding invitations yourself or have them custom made for you, be sure to think carefully about the overall feel you want to convey the moment your guests open their invitation. 

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