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So your dream wedding is on a beach somewhere like the gorgeous beaches of California or the pristine beaches of the Florida panhandle. Turning your dream wedding into a reality really doesn't need to be that difficult or expensive for that matter.  Recently, more and more couples are choosing beach weddings as the way to go.  A few things to think about before you commit to a beach wedding.

beach wedding

It Can Be Less Stressful.  If your idea of the perfect wedding is to spend the day before (or even the day of) your wedding relaxing on the beach (with margarita in hand) rather than running a bunch of last minute errands, you definitely are not alone.  Many beach hotels and resorts offer wedding planning packages and services which can take care of most of the details for you.  

It Can Be Less Costly.  Typically beach weddings are somewhat less expensive.  As a general rule, you tend to have fewer guests which, in turn, is less money you will be putting out for the reception.  

It Can Be Unique - or Maybe Not.  For some couples a traditional wedding is just not what they envision.  You can choose to make your beach wedding traditional by having a minister for a religious ceremony and wearing a traditional gown.  However, you can also be completely unique and wear a short dress (or something totally different) and possibly incorporate local or ethnic elements into your ceremony.

It Can Last Longer.  If you are choosing to host a beach wedding, you can turn it into a wedding vacation of sorts.  The celebration can last up to a week if you like.  You can plan before and after wedding activities that you guests can join you in.  This way you will have time to visit with your guests one on one.

It May be Smaller.  If your beach wedding will be a destination wedding, you may have fewer guests since they will have to travel.  However, if your beach wedding is nearby where you and most of your guests live, this may not be an issue.  If you have chosen a destination wedding, save the date cards are definitely needed.  Be sure to mail them out as soon as you have chosen your date and destination.  

If the beach wedding you choose is a destination wedding, you will most likely need a wedding planner.  Of course, if you are using a beach hotel or resort, you may end up with a wedding planner by default.  Otherwise, you will want to hire a wedding planner in the location you have chosen to host your wedding. He/She will be familiar with all the local vendors and can have your wedding conclude without a hitch.  



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