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Black Dresses

When most people think of a wedding, they generally don't think of black dresses. However, more and more brides have chosen to use black for their bridesmaids dresses and some have even gone so far as to consider wearing a black wedding gown. 

In the past, black dresses were not considered appropriate for a wedding in any capacity. Black was considered a color of mourning and hence, inappropriate for a wedding which is a day of celebration.  Also, at one time, wearing black to a wedding was to signify a guest's disapproval of the marriage.  Nowadays that just isn't the case. Black is a classic color and as such can be worn by the guests, mother of the bride, bridesmaids and even the bride if she chooses.

black wedding dress

There are many brides that choose the traditional white dress but want their bridesmaids dresses to be black.  This is great for a formal evening wedding.  Also, the bridesmaids dresses can simply be evening dresses purchased at a local department store.  This can save the bridesmaids a good deal of money because anytime you add the words wedding or bridal into anything, the price goes up.  

Obviously, black works best for formal evening weddings.  When you and/or your mother are shopping for mother of the bride dresses, you can look at black as well.  However, if the entire wedding party is wearing black, the mother of the bride might want to choose a dress that has black accents or is only partially black.  While black and white makes for a stunning wedding party, too much black can just look all wrong.  Also, an all black dress could tend to make the mother of the bride appear much more matronly than she would choose to look on her daughter's wedding day.   

black bridesmaid dress black mother of the bride dress

If, as a wedding guest you choose to wear a "little black dress," this can be a timeless and classic look.  One of the best ways to wear black and not be seen as overdoing it is to not wear a solid black dress.  You might want to choose a dress with white accents or one that is mostly white with black accents.  Of course, a beautiful, black cocktail dress is a very modern and chic look.  Pair it with a simple string of pearls and some drop earrings and you have a fantastic look!  


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