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Bridal Dresses

Bridal dresses, bridal gowns, what's the difference?  

Let's start with this: while all bridal gowns are dresses, not all bridal dresses are gowns. These significant garments go by many different names; bridal gowns, bridal dresses, wedding gowns and wedding dresses.  No matter what you call your wedding attire, it will surely be the most important purchase you make for your wedding day.  

When beginning the search for your bridal dress, you need to start somewhere.  The very first thing to consider is budget.  Determine the portion of your wedding budget that will be devoted to your dress.  Then, stick to that budget!  DO NOT go shopping for your dress until you have determined your price point.  There is nothing worse than finding the dress of your dreams only to realize that it is way out of your budget. 

Next you will want to determine the style and feel of your wedding.  Will it be a casual, outdoor wedding.  Will it be a lavish affair in a grand cathedral?  You will also want to consider the time of year you will be getting married.  This will also help to determine the type of dress you should be shopping for.  

Once you have established whether your bridal dress will be formal, informal or casual, you will need to determine the best silhouette for your particular body type.  Here are a few examples with the body types each dress generally works well with.

Ballgowns:  As a general rule, ballgowns work well with most body types.  Even plus size brides can look stunning in a ballgown.  Just be sure the lines of the gown flatter your particular size.  If you are a shorter bride, you may want to consider a ballgown with a dropped waist to elongate your body.  

A-line:  A-line dresses generally work for most body types as well. Because the fabric skims the body, these are good choices for brides that may be a bit bottom heavy. Because of their clean lines, A-line gowns work well for shorter brides too.

Sheath:  Sheath style gowns flatter the figures of brides with very slim, balanced figures. This is not the dress to choose if you have any flaws you would like to hide as it will show every curve on your body.

Empire Waist: These gowns are perfect for beach and informal weddings.  The bodice is fitted to just underneath the breast.  At that point the fabric flows from the body.  These dresses are also good choice if you have some flaws (or perceived flaws) you are trying to hide.  

Mermaid:  Perfect for a curvy figure.  These gowns are form fitting to just below the knee and then flare out at the bottom.  As a general rule, these gowns are quite formal, but some brides choose these dresses for beach weddings as well.  








Once you have chosen the perfect dress for your body, make sure it fits properly.  It is very rare for a bride to find a dress that fits perfectly off the rack. As a matter of fact, most gowns are tried on in a sample size and then ordered based on the bride's measurements, usually in the next size up if the measurements are in between two sizes.  Therefore, once the gown arrives, it will need to be altered.  Alterations may seem like just one more expense.  However, the look of your gown depends on it fitting perfectly.  Once your dress has been altered to fit your body perfectly, you will look like a princess.  As a bonus, a well fitting dress is much more comfortable to wear as well.


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