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Bridal Shower Favors

Many brides ask if bridal shower favors are truly necessary.  This will largely depend on where you are from and what your local traditions are. In some parts of the country it is completely unheard of to give bridal shower favors.  After all, guests are coming to "shower" the bride with gifts. However, in other parts of the country it is consider very rude not to give a favor as a "thank you for celebrating with us."  As a general rule, it is best to base your wedding planning decision regarding favors on what is being done by other brides in your area.  Ask your friends that have been recently married or ask friends that have attended other bridal showers. See what others are doing at their showers.  

Of course, with all that being said, even if bridal shower favors are not the norm in your area, you can still give them if you really feel strongly about it.  A good way to give your guests a "gift" would be to use the favors as prizes for bridal shower games.  Just make sure at some point everyone is a "winner" and receives a gift.  

If you do choose to give bridal shower gifts, they needn't be extravagant.  You can choose to purchase some nice memorable gift such as personalized sewing kits, "love letter" openers, candies or scented candles.  These are just a few examples of the bridal shower gifts that can be purchased either locally or on the internet.  Here is a good spot to look around and get some ideas of what is available to purchase.  Many of the favors are sold in bulk and are each the same.  Some, however, can be personalized with your guests name or the name of the bride and groom.  

tea cup
Tea Cup
scent bar
Scent Bar
Hand Sanitizer
chocolate bar
Chocolate Bars


You can choose to make your own bridal shower favors as well.  The chocolate bars above are a good do-it-yourself project.  While they can be purchased preprinted and put together, you can also do this VERY easily at home.  Just purchase the chocolate bars, download a template here and then print the labels.  Once they are printed, all you need to do is cut them to size and wrap the around the chocolate bars. This is a great idea (and very easy too) for the do-it-yourself bride.  A personalized candy bar is something just about every guest will love and enjoy.  However, if you and your guests are watching your figures, you can always check out some other projects from websites such as this for other do-it-yourself wedding favor ideas. 

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