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Bridal Shower Gifts

The giving of bridal shower gifts can be a bit confusing.   There are some etiquette questions that need to be answered.  Should the bridal shower gift be for the couple or just for the bride?  Does one purchase a bridal shower gift from the couple's wedding registry or are those items intended just as wedding gifts?  If I buy a bridal shower gift, do I need to give a wedding gift as well?  

Let's get to the business of answering these pressing questions.  First of all, bridal shower gifts ARE NOT a substitute for a wedding gift.  To also answer the next question, bridal shower gifts should have the bride in mind and wedding gifts should have the couple in mind.  Of course, with that being said, many brides will be just as happy with a gift from the couple's registry as with something specifically for her. Traditionally, bridal showers were to help a bride be prepared to be a newlywed.  This could include items for her new household or personal items for a new bride (i.e. lingerie).   If you do choose to make the bridal shower gift something for the household, feel free to use the couple's registry as a place to start your search for the perfect gift.  It might be a good idea to choose two of the less expensive items (one for the shower and one for the wedding) rather than looking at the big ticket items.  For the person hosting the bridal shower, it would be a good idea to include on the bridal shower invitations where the couple is registered in case guests wish to purchase a gift for the household.  

When bringing a gift to the bridal shower, be sure it is wrapped nicely.  A very cute bridal shower tradition is for the shower hostess to take all the ribbons and bows from the bridal shower gifts and make a beautiful bouquet.  These bridal bouquets can then be used as a stand in for the real one at the wedding rehearsal.  It will also make a great keepsake for the bride.  

bow bouquet

Recently, it seems, bridal showers and bachelorette parties seem to have blended into one.  However, if the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom will be in attendance at the bridal shower, a very intimate gift would not be appropriate.  A general rule of thumb to follow is:  If you would not be comfortable opening the gift in front of YOUR mother, then don't give a that type of gift for someone else to unwrap in front of their mother (or future mother in law).  Save these types of gift for the actual bachelorette party.  


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