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Bridal Shower Ideas

Whether you are a  the maid of honor, a good friend or even the grooms sister, you can always use a little bit of help with bridal shower ideas.  A bridal shower is loads of fun, but planning one can be a bit of a chore, especially if you are not the creative type.  Here we will try to help you get started with a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

One great idea that has recently become very popular is to host some type of culinary shower. There are many businesses that can host a culinary event such as bakeries, caterers or even hotels.  As an example, you may contract with a bakery to host the bridal shower.  The guests would gather at the bakery and be instructed on how to bake a perfect pastry item such as a scone. This is a fun, activity-driven event that almost anyone would enjoy.  As an added bonus, you get to enjoy your freshly baked treats with all your friends.  

Another fun, activity-driven shower idea is to host the bridal shower at a bowling alley.  Most bowling alleys cater to different types of parties, so why should a bridal shower be any different. This a great shower idea if many of the guests don't know each other.  What better way to break the ice than bowling?  You can also enjoy all the decadent bowling alley foods such as fried cheese and nachos.  


A scrapbooking bridal shower is perfect for the host on a budget.  Have all the guests bring photos or mementos of themselves and/or the bride. You provide the scrapbook and the scrapbooking materials and let everyone go to town creating  unique and personalized pages for a keepsake scrapbook for the bride.  

If the bride to be is just getting started in learning her way around the kitchen, you may want to consider a recipe party.  Each guest would bring her favorite recipe, an ingredient and either a utensil or specialized piece of equipment needed for the recipe.  This way, the new bride will have a great start toward becoming a master chef.

An around the house shower theme is a great way to help out a couple that will be setting up house for the very first time.  Each guest is assigned a room in the house and brings a gift corresponding to that room.  For instance, if a guest is assigned the bathroom, they might bring a set of matching towels.  

A classic idea for a bridal shower is the tea party.  A really fun way to host this party is to have everyone dress up in the prettiest tea party style dress and wear a matching hat.  If the weather is right, host the tea party outdoors and call it a garden tea party.  You can serve a variety of teas and finger sandwiches.  A tea party shower is perfect for a mid-afternoon affair and much less involved than hosting a dinner party.  Also, you can use the teacups as wedding shower favors. Each guest would receive their very own teacup, possibly with an assortment of teas inside. These make great keepsakes for the guests.  



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