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Bridal Veils

You've found the perfect wedding dress.  The next thing you need to do is to choose a veil that is perfect as well.  Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect way to top off your look on your wedding day.  

The first thing you need to decide is the length of the veil.  Different lengths work with different types of wedding dresses.  For instance elbow length bridal veils are simple, elegant and go with just about every style of wedding dress.  However, a cathedral length veil is just that: many yards of tulle that will require at least one attendant to help you attend to it.  It will only work with a grand wedding gown and in a church with a very long aisle.  

Hair accessories are an option with many veils.  They are not required, but many brides like to wear an accessory in their hair that is not attached to the veil. That way, later during the reception, the bride can remove her veil yet keep the hair accessory in place for the entire event.  

Veils come in many different shades of white.  It is best to bring a swatch of the fabric your dress is made from so as to get a good match.  

You should also consider if you want your veil to show up in your wedding photographs. If you choose to wear your hair up and attach the veil to the back, it is most likely you will not see much of your veil in your photographs.  If you have an over the top gown and want the focus to be on your gown, then this would be a very good option for you.

back veil

Most veils are made from a fabric called tulle.  However, there are some that are made from lace, silk and satin if you want to be a bit original.  If you want a romantic, lush look, you will want to consider a veil with more than one layer.  Many veil makers suggest at least two layers.  

A good way to wear a chapel length of cathedral length veil is to pair it up with a fingertip length veil.  After the ceremony you can remove the longer veil but still wear the shorter one for your reception.  This way you still look like a bride in all your reception photos but without the hassle of the longer veil.

Whether you choose to have embellishments on your veil will depend on your wedding gown.  Generally, if your dress is heavily beaded, a veil with simple, clean lines is the way to go.  However, if your wedding dress is a bit more simple, you could use some embellishments, such as tiny pearls, on your veil.  

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