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Bridesmaid Gifts

A gift for your bridesmaid is something they will always remember!  It can be one of the hardest wedding gift ideas to come up with. You could either purchase a gift, or make your own. Purchasing a gift is the easiest and the selection is broad. 

 Purchased Bridesmaid Gifts

Canvas Tote Bags
Bridesmaid Gift Canvas Tote Bag
Cosmetic set
bridesmaid gift cosmetic set
 Mirror Set
bridesmaid gift mirror set
 Thank You Gift Bag
bridesmaid gift thank you bag
 Make Up Bag
bridesmaid gif make-up bag
  Bridesmaid Pearl Charm Bracelet
bridesmaid gift pearl charm bracelet
 Photo Frame with the Bride and Groom
bridesmaid gift photo frame
 Personalized Pocket Mirror
Bridesmaid Gift Personalized Pocket Mirror

Hand Made Bridesmaid Gifts

Sometimes the most sentimental gifts for your bridesmaids are hand crafted by you. These are by far the most touching gifts.

Hand making gifts can save you a lot of money, but more importantly, it also shows you care.  Your bridesmaids will appreciate the time and effort you put into making these very personal gifts.  The web is crawling with fabulous hand crafted bridesmaid gift ideas!

A list of 101 hand crafted gift ideas can be found here: 101 Hand Made Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

The best ideas are:

Wine Cork Coasters

Rustic Leather Sketchbook

Gift Card Cozy

Vintage Fork Napkin Rings

Fabric Bookmarks

Tree Limb Coasters

Another great idea to find the perfect bridesmaid gift is to turn to YouTube!

You will obviously know your bridesmaids very well, so giving them a keepsake gift they will always remember your wedding day with should be fairly easy, but there are rules to follow:

Mistakes with Bridesmaid Gift Giving

Do not allow the bridesmaid gifts to "upstage" the bride and groom in any way.  This would include very extravagant or expensive gifts that are mainly just to show off.  Keep gifts within reason to retain the focus on the wedding's bride and groom. Make certain it is really special for the individual bridesmaid. Bridesmaids gifts need not be the same for each one.  Have the gift connect to the wedding day itself, either through the setting, the attire or the season.

The process of finding and buying the bridesmaids their gift or even better, making it yourself is second only to the memories of the moment you give them their gift.

When to give the bridesmaids their gifts?  The best time is towards the end of the wedding reception, after the cutting of the cake. Make this time special for them by bringing them up in front of everyone and thanking them for being your bridesmaids. You may want to have the flower girl and/or ring bearer bring the gifts to the bridesmaids.  This will make the moment even more memorable.  




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