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Bridesmaids Dresses

You've tried on many wedding dresses and have made your choice.  The next order of business is to choose your bridesmaids dresses. Below you will find some tips on finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses.  Many of these same tips can be used when helping your mother shop for mother of the bride dresses.   

Be a Good Friend.  What is the best way to irritate your friends?  Invite them to be in your wedding and then turn them into fashion victims. Don't abuse your friends and dress them in something hideous to make yourself look better.  Try not to choose bridesmaids dress that will make your friends look heavy or washed out.  

Look for the Right Feel.  Take you time when choosing bridesmaids dresses to complement your bridal gown.  Find a style that has the same feel as your dress, but not too similar.  

One Size DOES NOT Fit All.  Find a style that will flatter all the sizes and shapes of your bridesmaids.  Empire waists and a-line skirts tend to look nice on all body types.

Mix it Up.  You may want to consider choosing a specific color or fabric and then allowing your bridesmaids to choose a style that fits them best.  

Consider Color Carefully.  Look at colors you think would look good on all your bridesmaids.  Consider their hair color and complexion when choosing.  Brighter colors tend to be more flattering.  Pastels may look nice of someone with a fair complexion, but might not work on someone with a darker complexion.

Make it a Do Over.  Be kind to your bridesmaids.  Don't expect your friends to purchase a bridesmaid dress that will never been worn again. Consider how your friends could use the dresses in the future.  

Help Cover the Cost.  Don't forget to consider everyone's financial situation.  A common price range for bridesmaids dresses is between $100-$300.  Work with your friends to determine a price point everyone is comfortable with.  If you do fall in love with a dress that is beyond that point, consider covering the difference yourself.  

Get Input From Your Friends.  Rather than asking all your bridesmaids to go shopping with you initially, use a bridesmaid dress search and e-mail info and photos of dresses you like to your friends.  Then listen to their feedback.  

Make Lists.  Make notes beside maids name about what type of dress might suit her, how much she can pay and anything else that may be helpful in choosing the perfect dress for her.  

Reusable Colors.  Dark-colored dresses (black, navy, forest green) look great on almost everyone and usually work well for other formal events as well. 

Consider Comfort.  If you are considering strapless or braless dresses, ask your bridesmaids if they will be comfortable in that type of style before making your final decision.  

Just Get It Done.  Don't be a control freak.  You can't do everything yourself so why not appoint your maid of honor or a highly responsible bridesmaid to organize the gown purchases.  This will take some pressure away from you and make your friends feel as if they are actually helping you with your wedding plans.  

Below you will find several different styles and colors of bridesmaids dresses along with several helpful links.  A simple internet search will give you many different dresses to browse through before making your final decision. 

Bridesmaids Dresses



Formal - Similar Styles


Semi-Formal Coordinating Colors/Styles

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Formal - Same Only Different

formal reuseable

Formal - Very Reusable

formal gown

Very Formal



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What NOT To Do


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