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Budget Weddings

When it comes to your wedding day, you want the most beautiful wedding in the entire world.  When it comes to budget weddings, you want a wedding that looks anything but cheap however, one that doesn't break the bank.  

The very first thing that should be done when planning a wedding on a budget is to set your priorities.  Food is the largest expense at any wedding.  Therefore, finding ways to cut back on your food budget would be the first thing to do.  

budget weddings

The obvious way to cut back on your food budget would be to limit the number of guests you invite to your wedding.  Of course, if you are planning a grand wedding on a budget, this is not an option.  Luckily, there are several other options that will save on your food budget without limiting the number guests.  

Consider hosting a brunch reception rather than a full dinner buffet.  As a general rule this will cost less than half of what a full meal would cost. You could also consider hosting a garden reception.  No one would expect a full meal so beautiful appetizers and finger sandwiches and maybe a signature cocktail rather than a full bar will keep down the expense.  There is also a dessert reception if you happen to really like sweets.  

Of course setting your priorities will help you to limit the costs in your wedding.  What is important to you as a couple?  Do you absolutely NEED a band or will a DJ suffice?  Is your gown the most important thing or is overall look of your reception more important?  Below you will find a few suggestions on ways to cut costs on your wedding.

  • Look at pawn shops for your wedding rings.  You would be surprised what you can find in a pawn shop.  Many times you can find beautiful, vintage rings for less than half of what a new one would cost.  You can also consider rounding up all your old, unused gold and have it melted down and made into custom wedding bands.  
  • Shop thrift stores, consignment shops or vintage clothing stores for your wedding gown.  There are many beautiful wedding gowns that are donated to thrift stores or sent to the consignment shops.  These have obviously been gently used and come at much less than half the cost of a brand new gown.  
  • Choose a wedding date that is budget friendly.  For instance, weekdays and Saturday mornings are much less expensive when it comes to a venue than the typical Saturday evening.  
  • Skip excessive decorations such as pew or chair decorations.  Most likely your guests will never miss them and you have saved a good deal of money.  
  • Leave off the favors.  While it's a nice gesture to have favors for your guests, you are already providing them with food and drink.  It is not completely necessary to provide them with favors as well.  Most couples spend a minimum of a dollar per favor if not more. Depending on the number of guests you have, this can add up quickly.  

No matter how you choose to save money on your wedding, be sure to consider what is most important to you first.  Spend your money where it means the most and scrimp where it is not as important.  

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