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Today, you can hold your wedding just about anywhere you would like.  A beautiful countryside, the beach or even a backyard.  Of course, churches are still the most popular, but with so may options available, it may be difficult to decide.  However, if you choose a more relaxed location, when you are shopping for your wedding dress you may be looking at the more casual dresses.

Before you actually purchase your casual wedding dress, think about exactly how casual you want it to be.  Of course, there are other things to consider as well.  For instance, what is your wedding theme and where will the wedding take place?

Here are a few things to consider.  Will your wedding be held in the warm summer months?  If the answer is yes, a really great idea would be to look at some white, flowing sundresses.  You might consider a halter top, spaghetti strap or even go with a strapless dress.  Keep in mind that long dresses can get dirty on the bottom if you will be on the beach in the sand or from soil if you will be in the grass.  This is very important to consider if you plan to preserve your dress.  Also, instead of wearing a veil, you may choose to wear a nice summer hat to complete your wedding day look.  

The next thing you should think about is the fabric.  Heavy silk or satin and velvet fabrics are too heavy for casual dresses.  Also, there should not be too many embellishments as this will add weight to your dress.  Instead of a heavy fabric, you should consider fabrics that flow and drape well.  A great thing about many of these fabrics is that they are much less prone to wrinkling which is huge plus if you are having a destination wedding and have to pack your wedding dress.  Good fabric choices would be chiffon, crepe, batiste, charmeuse and illusion nets.  

If your wedding will be held during the fall, especially in a more Northern area, you may want to consider a bit of a heavier fabric or choose a nice jacket or shawl to compliment your dress.

Casual dress with sleeves

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find your perfect wedding dress.  When searching for a casual wedding dress you can either look online or in many stores.  You can even shop in your local department store.  You might want to consider just looking through typical casual dresses.  You may find the perfect white dress.  You might even consider wearing a color other than white.  Another option is to look through bridesmaids dresses.  Be sure to try on different styles, lengths and colors to see which one is right for you.  Remember, the dress should fit the overall theme of your wedding.  

Another thing to consider when shopping for your dress is your body type.  If you have "problem areas" or areas you would like to hide, choose a dress that will draw attention away from these area.  There is also the option of having your dress custom made for you.  This is a good option if you want a custom dress because casual dresses will tend to be less expensive to have custom made than long, elaborate wedding gowns.  

One of the very best things about choosing a casual wedding dress is the value.  You will spend far less on this casual dress than you would on a traditional wedding gown.  You may even be able to find your wedding dress for as little as $50!

Another feature of a casual wedding dress is that it can most likely be used more than once.  Add some type of embellishment to change the look.  If it has sleeves, you may consider having them removed.  Depending on exactly how casual your dress is, you might wear it to a party or even as a summer sundress.  

Print Casual Wedding Dress

One last thing.   Don't feel as if you need to limit yourself to only shopping for casual dresses in the typical white or shades of white.  You could choose a light pastel a bright color or, if you are really daring and non-traditional a beautiful print.  You may even find your dress is comfortable!  Wouldn't that be a great bonus?




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