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Cheap Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one of the things in a wedding that are not completely necessary, but sure are nice to have.  Wedding favors are a sort of thank you to your guests for attending your wedding and for helping you celebrate this wonderful day.  However, wedding favors can put a sizeable dent in a wedding budget, particularly if the guest list is very large.  This is why many couples go on the hunt for cheap wedding favors.  

There are many places to shop for wedding favors that will not break the bank.  You can shop at the many "dollar stores" and pick up things such as small frames, decorative soaps or candles and candle holders.  The selection at these stores is pretty good, but you do need to watch out for low quality.  While many of the items you will find in a dollar store are perfectly suitable, you will find some sub-standard items as well.  While you want to save money on your wedding favors, you don't want to have favors that scream CHEAP.  

Another way to save money on your wedding favors is to make them yourself.  Do it yourself wedding favors don't need to be expensive or time consuming.  There are many do it yourself favors you can make that are neither time consuming or expensive.  You can make cookies and cut them out in the shape of a wedding cake or the bride and groom.  Decorate them with simple icing and there you go.  These are quick, easy and inexpensive to make.  You can also make chocolate spoons.  All this DIY project requires is a bunch of plastic spoons and some baker's chocolate.  Carefully melt the chocolate in the microwave and dip the spoon into the chocolate (just the spoon part, not the handle). Set the spoon on a piece of waxed paper to harden.  Once the chocolate has hardened, wrap the spoons in plastic with a pretty ribbon and you have a wonderful favor that your guests are sure to love.   

DIY Favor Ideas
wedding cookies chocolate spoons


Another nice idea for DIY wedding favors is to make personalized mix CD's of your favorite music.  Gather a collection of music that speaks of your personality as a couple.  Maybe this is "your song" or just the general genre of music that you, as a couple, like to listen to.  

One other option for cheap wedding favors is to visit the Exclusively Weddings website. They have just about every type of wedding accessory you could possibly think of.  


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