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Fall Weddings

Fall weddings can be some of the most beautiful and unique weddings of the year. While the vast majority of couples plan summer weddings and many like winter weddings, fall offers many unique opportunities for outdoor venues, decorating and theme ideas.

fall weddings

Fall can be the perfect time to plan an outdoor wedding.  In many parts of the country the weather is perfect.  The humidity of the summer is past, yet the extreme cold of the winter has not yet set in.  Of course, if you are planning a wedding during the late afternoon and/or evening hours of the fall, you may want to consider looking at wedding dresses that have some type of jacket or shawl.  Your wedding party will also appreciate bridesmaids dresses that offer some type of covering for the cooler evening temperatures as well.  Of course, the groom and his groomsmen  will most  likely be very comfortable in suits of tuxedos.  

When it comes to finding a theme for your fall wedding, the options are many.  As pictured above, you can go with a harvest theme and use straw, hay and pumpkins as decorations and accents for your wedding venue.  Other couples may choose to have an outdoor wedding in a forest.  Fall weddings are simply gorgeous in a forest during the changing of the seasons when  all the leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees.  When planning a wedding of this type there is really no need for any type of decorations other than what Mother Nature provides.  

When it comes to wedding colors for the fall, burnt oranges, yellows, reds and shades of brown are beautiful.  Accented with golds and/or bronzes these colors give an elegance to any wedding venue whether it be outdoors or an indoor venue.  Of course, when it comes to choosing your wedding colors, you need not feel as if you are bound by typical "fall" colors.  While these typical colors will give an overall feeling of fall, any colors you choose can be worked into just about any theme as well.

There are many excellent indoor venues to choose from that work well with fall weddings as well.  Many venues offer outdoor locations for your ceremony and then an indoor venue to host your reception.  There are also venues that offer a full view of the outdoors.  If you choose a venue that gives a great view of the outdoors where you can see the trees and foliage, you will have the feeling of a beautiful outdoor wedding with the convenience of an indoor location and not having to worry about any type of weather issues.  

One of many unique and very appropriate venue types for fall weddings is the rustic lodge.  This also makes for an excellent wedding weekend.  What better way to spend the time before and immediately after your wedding than in a warm and rustic lodge with your friends and family.  Also, by hosting your wedding and/or wedding weekend at a rustic lodge, you can also begin your honeymoon in the exact same place.  You may or may not want to spend your entire honeymoon at a lodge, but it is certainly a good choice for your wedding night.  

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