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Favors are one of the little details that can sometimes be overlooked but will mean a great deal to the guests that receive them.  Generally favors, when associated with a wedding, will be for the wedding reception or, possibly, for the bridal showers.  

Wedding favors and bridal shower favors can either be purchased or handmade.  There are many sites on the web such as this one that cater to brides looking for wedding favors and/or bridal shower favors.  There is a vast array to choose from and the favors you choose should reflect your personality and the style and/or colors of your wedding and reception.  For instance, flip flops as favors for beach weddings is a great idea. This way the guests do not have to walk through the sand in their dress shoes.  These can be personalized with the couples names and date of the wedding or decorated to match the decor of the wedding.  Flip flops are a great do-it-yourself project as well.  Here is a video that shows one of many ways you can decorate inexpensive flip flops to make them coordinate with your wedding.

Now, if you just can't see yourself being crafty enough or having enough time to make your own wedding or bridal shower favors, you can check out sites such as this for traditional wedding favors.  There are so many different items you can choose from.  Try to think of your personality as a couple.  What do you like to do?  What are your favorite colors?  These are all things to take into consideration when choosing your wedding favors.  Do you have a special movie, song or saying?  You may want to incorporate these elements into your favors. Some unique wedding favor ideas are here.  

When it comes to bridal shower favors, think fun, yet useful.  As a general rule, favors that are useful are the very best.  If a favor is not something that is useful or can be consumed (like a personalized cookie), it will most likely be tossed very soon after the wedding or bridal shower.  If you try to stick to the theme of your shower (a garden tea party for instance), it will be much easier to choose your bridal shower favors.  For that garden tea party a beautiful tea cup with a packet of herbal tea would make a wonderful and useful bridal shower gift.  This is something your guests are sure to remember each and every time they use that cup.  

Another unique idea is to purchase cookie cutters for each individual guest.  Choose the first initial of each guests name and then attach a favorite sugar cookie recipe to the cookie cutter.  Again, this will be a very useful favor that each guest will remember every time she uses it. This particular favor would work for a tea party type shower, a luncheon or even just a fun ladies night shower.  Cookies are great for almost any occasion!

Take a look below for a few favor examples. 



flip flops

Flip Flop Tags


Personalized Candles


tea cup


Tea Cup Favor








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