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Garden Weddings

A garden wedding is one of the easiest wedding types to plan.  However, with that being said, there are still some details that may be overlooked if you are not careful.  Be sure to start a wedding checklist to make sure you have everything you need to pull off the garden wedding of your dreams.  

A garden wedding offers the couple a very romantic and sensual location.  The best thing to remember is to keep it simple.  Nature has provided most of your decorations in the beautiful plants and flowers in the garden.  Whether you choose to have your wedding in your own beautiful garden or find a local or destination venue for your garden wedding, you may need or want to add a bit of embellishment.  You will most likely want an area for the actual ceremony to take place such as a gazebo, garden arch or pergola.  If these are not already decorated naturally with plants and/or flowers, you can use white tulle or plants and flowers to add a bit of whimsy.  

While most garden weddings are held in the spring or summer, a garden wedding in the fall or winter can be equally as beautiful.  Of course, you don't want to have just dead and dying plants around, but a garden blanketed by snow is every bit as beautiful as one that has fresh blooming flowers and beautiful fall colors on the trees and ground make for gorgeous wedding photos as well.  

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Below you will find a few tips and suggestions to help you in planning your perfect garden wedding.  

  • Use different shades of one color and accentuate it with cream or white which will create a visual and striking combination.
  • Use lots of flowy and delicate fabric.  Tulle works very well for a garden wedding.  Also, lots of vintage linens and fabrics can be found at flea markets and thrift stores.
  • As wedding favors you may want to consider seedlings in small terra cotta pots.  Not only are these very appropriate for a garden wedding, they are also a very green alternative to the typical disposable wedding favor.
  • Since most garden weddings are a bit more casual, buffet style catering works very well.  Lemonade, sweat tea and punch are definitely on the menu for a garden wedding.  
  • Be sure to keep your menu simple.  You might even want to consider very light foods such as finger sandwiches or go with picnic food. Either will work well.
  • If you wedding will be in the evening, decorate the surrounding trees with white lights.  You can also string the lights across the reception area to give the starry night feel.  You can even tie the escort cards to ribbon and hang them from a tree.
  • When choosing your wedding cake topper, think about using florals - either natural or sugar flowers.  
  • A very fun and whimsical touch is to have a birdbath set up.  Have your guests make wishes for you as a couple and throw flower petals or pennies into the birdbath for good luck.  
  • Use large round tables covered with lightweight fabric, lace or tulle.  The tables should accommodate at least 8-10 chairs.  
  • If using chair covers, tie a sash around each one and where the sash is tied, add a single flower to the knot.  
  • Consider using a band rather than a DJ.  
  • When choosing the china you will use for the reception, you may want to consider searching the local flea markets, thrift stores and vintage stores.  Older china with floral motifs are perfect for a garden wedding.  If they have imperfections or small chips, that makes it even more charming.  The colors don't even have to be perfect.  If they are floral, most likely they will work.
  • When choosing your wedding invitations, keep them simple.  Handmade paper works well.  Consider the type with pressed flowers made into it.  A velum overlay with ribbon is equally as beautiful and works well with the garden wedding theme.  


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