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Modest Wedding Dresses

There are many brides that go in search of modest wedding dresses for many different reasons.  Most are being married in a religious ceremony in a cathedral, temple, chapel, tabernacle, etc.  Many churches require the bride (or anyone for that matter) to wear what is considered modest attire.  This style of dress would generally include a gown for the bride that is floor length, has sleeves (some require long sleeves) and covers the chest (some require coverage to the collar bone.  However, there are some brides that are searching for modest wedding dresses just because they personally do not wish to show too much skin on their wedding day.  Whatever the reason, there are many options for modest wedding dresses.  

While researching modest wedding dresses, we found many websites that cater specifically to brides that are in search of modest wedding dresses as well as modest bridesmaids dresses and mother of the bride dresses.  Some of the sites go so far as carrying everyday clothing that is a bit more modest than what can be found in most department stores.  One website with the largest selection is Latter Day Bride & Prom. They have a very large selection of modest wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses and prom dresses.  They even have a good selection of temple dresses.  There are other websites such as Beautifully Modest and Totally Modest that have a great selection of bridal gowns and prom dresses as well.  

You can also shop for modest wedding dresses as traditional bridal shops such as David's Bridal nationally and Jon's Bridal in Florida.  There are many designers that have modest wedding dresses in their collections as well.  Many of the local bridal boutiques will also have a small selection of modest wedding dresses.  Basically, it all depends on what your idea of "modest" is.  Some brides just want a bit more coverage in the chest area or wish to have a gown with sleeves rather than a halter or strapless gown.  Other brides need or want a gown that has sleeves, possibly even long sleeves as well as a bit more coverage.  No matter what type of modest wedding dress you are searching for, rest assured you will be able to find a beautiful and stylish wedding dress that will also suit your needs for modesty.  

Take a look below for some beautiful examples of modest wedding dresses. 

Modest Wedding Dresses
Cap Sleeves short sleeves long sleeve jacket
temple dress mermaid a-line


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