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Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Mom, you need to stop obsessing over wedding dresses, you have some shopping to do yourself!  Here is a bit of advice to help you find the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress.  

Communication is the key.  Speak with the bride to get an idea of her vision for the wedding.  You have one of the leading roles in this big production.  

Get going.  Start shopping early.  However, you must wait until the bride has tried on many wedding gowns and chosen the perfect one.  The bridesmaids dresses should have already been chosen as well.   Now it is time for you to begin your own search for the perfect mother-of-the-bride (or groom) dress.  

Coordinate with the bridal party.  Take into consideration the bridal gown and the bridesmaids dresses and try to find something of similar formality.  You wouldn't want to be looking for short sun dresses when the entire wedding is very formal.  

Find your perfect color.  Think about what colors looks especially good on you.  However, stay away from ivory, cream or white.  You don't want to appear to be trying to upstage the bride.  You will want to find a color that compliments the colors of the wedding.  It is not necessary to match the wedding party, but the color shouldn't clash either.  

Compromise with the bride.  Have the bride give you an idea of what style she would like...either sending photos or shopping with you.  If she has a style in mind that is just not right for you, talk with her about it and come to a compromise.  It is her day, but it is important that you are comfortable as well.  

Be careful with embellishments.   Pearls, lace trim and floral embellishments can make a dress more elegant and sophisticated.  However, be sure to choose a dress with embellishments that are more subtle. You may also want to stay away from prints which tend to be very distracting and take the attention away from the bride as well.  You are not trying to outshine the bride on her special day.  

Speak with the mother-of-the-groom.  Once you have chosen your dress, talk with mother-of-the-groom.  She doesn't have to purchase a dress in the same color, but formality, skirt length and possibly sleeve length would be good things to coordinate on.  

Below you will find photos of several different mother-of-the-bride dress styles.  Some are more mature looking and others are for younger (or younger feeling) mothers-of-the-bride.  Todays mother-of-the-bride is a fashionable, modern woman with many different styles to choose from. Relax and have fun helping the bride plan her wedding day knowing you will be the most beautiful mother-of-the-bride ever!


Mother-Of-The-Bride Dress Styles

Elegant Formal Style


Elegant Formal Style

Semi-Formal/Casual Style

Contemporary Semi-Formal/Casual Style

Traditional Formal Style


Traditional Formal Style


Traditional Semi-Formal/Casual Style




Traditional Semi-Formal/Casual Style

Casual Style



Contemporary Casual Style

Spring/Summer Casual Style

Spring/Summer Casual Style


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