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Paradise Cove Hawaii Wedding

Paradise Cove is situated on the island of Oahu towards the leeward side of the island where Makaha and Makua beach lays . This location gets you out of the city towards the Hawaiian community area, the beaches are famous for their sunsets and surf riding waves, many locals and tourist alike go here for their wedding ceremony. The reason most brides like this area is that they have a Hawaiian luau every night, so for the reception the newlyweds could actually just take a few steps from their beach ceremony to have a Hawaiian luau plus a Polynesian dancing show . This complements your beach wedding.

This place has lush gardens and private grounds so gatecrashers go inside the fun-filled festivity.

Its surrounded green laupaka ferns and flowers local to Hawaii,  the lagoons often have sea turtles, there is plenty of black lava rock on the beach with mountain views to the right, Paradise Cove offers three locations for a Hawaii wedding ceremony. You have the point in green grass, you have the beach and the final spot is a beautiful garden.

Beautiful Sunsets of Paradise Cove  

Paradise Cove Hawaii

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