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Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Contrary to what most wedding dress manufacturers would like you to believe, most brides are not the "perfect size 6" that most sample gowns are available in.  Also, most wedding dresses are not made with plus size brides in mind.  However, many, if not most, brides are a more realistic size 12-14 with quite a few shopping for plus size wedding dresses.  There is no reason why a bride who is a plus size cannot find a wedding dress to suit her tastes.  Yes, there are quite a few more options for plus size girls than there used to be.  However, most of the modern wedding gowns are still designed for the smaller figure.  Just because the designers, and society in general, are stuck on these smaller sizes, doesn't mean a plus size bride should settle for whatever wedding dress she finds that fits.  

When shopping for a plus size gown, it is very important to find a fabric that will flatter your body.  Generally the heavier fabrics that can be easily ruched look wonderful on the fuller figure.  This is because the ruching can conceal any imperfections and helps to disguise any heavier areas on the figure.  You should probably stay away from too much beading or appliques as they tend to highlight spots you would rather draw the eye away from.

If you have it, flaunt it!  As a general rule, plus size girls have curves.  Use them to your advantage.  A modest v-neck or sweetheart neckline will help to call attention to your figure.  However, a plunging neckline will just have a tendency to show too much cleavage and actually make you look top heavy.  

Your skinny best friend may have worn a beautiful strapless gown and looked wonderful in it.  However, most plus size brides should avoid the style as it tends to widen your shoulders and arms.  However, if you do fall in love with a strapless dress, most bridal shops can add sleeves or straps to a gown.  If you do choose a gown with sleeves or have them added, be sure the fabric doesn't squeeze your arms, shoulders or back. You also don't want puffy sleeves as they will tend to make your arms looks bigger as well.  

with sleeves with straps


Probably the most important part of your wedding dress will be the skirt.  Look for a gown that has a full skirt (like a ball gown) or a 1-line skirt.  A dropped waist gown will elongate your torso and give your body a smooth, curvy shape.  

Don't be pushed into purchasing a dress you don't love.  You should never have to settle.  A salesperson may try to tell you that you look great in a particular gown just because it is what they have in stock.  However, if it just doesn't feel right to you, hold out for the dress you really want. There are many bridal shops and you can also shop online.  Many of the designers are now making plus size wedding dresses and with a little bit of patience, you will be sure to find the dress of your dreams.  


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