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Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

There are so many etiquette questions when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day that it is almost overwhelming.  Why should the rehearsal dinner be any different? One of the most crucial etiquette questions many brides ask concerns the rehearsal dinner invitations.  It is necessary to send invitations?  If so, who should receive an invitation?  The questions can go on for days.  We're here to help you get through the whole process of the rehearsal dinner with as little stress as possible.  Basically, whether you should send out mailed rehearsal dinner invitations depends on the overall feel of your wedding.  

The Lavish Affair Type Wedding

If your wedding is the type that requires a wedding planner and has a timetable that is a year out, you will most like need to send out rehearsal dinner invitations to not only everyone in your wedding party, but also to anyone who will be traveling from out of town for your wedding.  The invitations should be less formal than your wedding invitations, but should have the same overall feel.  There is no need to enclose RSVP cards.  Just be sure to include a phone number for the guests to call and respond with a yes or no.

The Sweet and Simple Type Wedding

If your wedding will be a bit upscale but possibly have some rustic touches, this leaves a little more leeway on whether to send rehearsal dinner invitations.  The rehearsal dinner will most likely be a small number of people (your wedding party) gathering together for dinner after the actual wedding rehearsal.  You could send anything you like from pre-printed invitations to invitations your customized and printed yourself to e-vites. Make sure all the pertinent information of time, place and dress (if you have a preference) is included in the invitation.  Also be sure to include a phone number for RSVP's.  This will give whoever is paying for the dinner an idea of how many people to expect.  

The Day of Fun Type Wedding 

If your wedding will be one where bride wears a short red dress and/or the groom is barefoot, or any other non-traditional type wedding, there really is no need to send out rehearsal dinner invitations.  If you are indeed planning a rehearsal dinner, call any guests you wish to invite, use e-vites or you might even start a phone tree to let everyone know about the dinner.  Make sure everyone invited knows when and where the rehearsal dinner will be held.  

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If you feel a rehearsal dinner is not in the wedding budget, you may want to re-examine your expectations.  The dinner doesn't have to be a formal catered dinner or held in a restaurant.  Some of the very best (and most memorable) rehearsals dinners are barbecues in a backyard. This will allow people to get to know each other in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.  You can even have a potluck dinner.  No matter what your budget is - do have a rehearsal dinner.  It will be your opportunity to thank the special people that have helped you along the way to make your wedding day possible.  


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