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Second Weddings

Second weddings are more common today than ever.  While in the past most second weddings were just a trip to the local courthouse or a very small affair with just very close friends and family, today many brides choose to have a wedding the second time around that is just as big or bigger than their first walk down the aisle.  There are as many reasons why a couple will choose a formal second wedding as there are choices for bridal gowns.  

Many couples that get engaged for the second (third or fourth) time wonder how they should announce their engagement and to whom they should make that announcement first.  If there are children involved on either side, whether they are still minors or grown, they should be the first to know.  

second wedding kids

When it comes to what you will be wearing for your second wedding, there are many things people will say you shouldn't do.  Don't wear a "real" wedding dress, don't wear white, etc.  Here's a real piece of advice that you can actually take to the bank.  Wear what you want!  It's your day.  The bride and groom can wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing.  If you are planning an over-the-top and lavish wedding, then wear the ball gown you have always dreamed of.  If you are planning a casual affair on the beach, then perhaps you want to wear a short sundress?  Wear what fits your wedding and what makes you comfortable.  If, as a couple, you want to wear shorts to your wedding, then do so.

Second weddings lend themselves well to destination weddings.  Many couples that are getting married for the second time around choose to have a somewhat smaller wedding, but have it at a destination that really stands out.  A wedding weekend with a few of your closests friends and family can be a great way to start your married life.  

Some couples are worried about such things as invitations, bridal showers, children and other family members when they begin planning a second wedding.  Really, this is your first wedding to each other so it should be treated no differently than any other wedding.  The day is all about you and the love your share for each other.  Treat it the way you want!  

There are a few things you should consider when planning a second wedding that may be out of the ordinary from any other wedding.  One of them is children.  If there are children, particularly young children, from either partner, you should make a point of including them in your wedding in some manner.  If you think the wedding and all the festivities surrounding it are stressful for you, imagine how a young child feels.  Not only are they experiencing all the same stress you are, but they are also suddenly gaining a new step-parent and usually will be having to endure new living arrangements as well.  

Be sure to take time with your children and include them as much as possible in your wedding planning and on the actual wedding day.  

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