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Simple Wedding Dresses

When it comes to your wedding, choosing your wedding dress is arguably one of the most important things you will do.  Many women have dreamed of their wedding day, and their wedding dress in particular, since they were little girls.  Many of those same women have a vision of being like a princess in a fairytale wedding gown.   However, there are probably just as many women that do not wish to have a big, elaborate gown. There are even some women that really don't need or want a wedding dress at all. Some will even choose to be extreme and shop for bridesmaids dresses or something similar and then choose one that suits their taste and wedding style.  

Brides who choose simple wedding dresses can be making a fashion choice or perhaps it is just their preferred look.  However, one of the main reasons a bride might shop for and choose a simple wedding dress is simply the cost.  The more elaborate a wedding dress is, generally the higher the price.  There are some designers that actually prefer to design wedding dresses that are on the simple side, compared to some of the gowns that are really busy.  Many of these designers also like the simple, classic lines of a simple wedding dress when compared to a very elaborate dress.  

Other reasons why brides might choose a simple wedding dress is because of the type of ceremony.  As an example, a civil wedding in the courthouse just requires a simple wedding dress when compared to an elaborate and all out church wedding. However, there are some brides that prefer to wear a simple wedding dress for their elaborate wedding.  The thought is the elaborate gown will actually take away attention from the bride.  Sometimes brides wear a simple wedding dress because it is a family heirloom or possibly a tradition that has been handed down for generations. Choosing a simple wedding dress can also be a statement about how you want your wedding to be a simple, uncomplicated event.  

There are many types of simple wedding dresses and they range everywhere from a short shift dress to a beautiful tailored suit.  A simple summer shift in white or off white can be a beautiful wedding dress with the right embellishments.  Some brides may opt for a suit dress which consists of a skirt and jacket - usually in white or off white.  Many times a simple wedding dress will actually look better than an over the top gown with a bunch of beadwork.  It's really all about the design and cut of the dress in question.  The right design will look classic and elegant.  A simple wedding dress will also stand the test of time and still look classic as the years progress.  You might even want to pass it on to your daughter or your granddaughter.  Just be sure to preserve it well.

simple wedding dress

Brides choosing simple wedding dresses will most likely continue for a very long time. They are classic, can sometimes be worn again and are usually a great value compared to a much more intricate or elaborate dress.  

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