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Summer Dresses

If you are getting married in the most popular month for weddings (June), you will probably want to look for summer dresses for yourself and your bridal party.  While you can choose any type of wedding gown, especially if the entire wedding and reception are indoors, you will be spending at least a bit of time outdoors (photos, to and from the venue, etc.).  Therefore, summer wedding dresses seem an appropriate option.  

Here are some tips and suggestions for finding a summer wedding gown.  

Keep it light.  Choose a dress comfortable, cool, lightweight and either sleeveless or strapless.  Choose a lightweight fabric that doesn't feel as if it weighs you down.  If you think you might be a bit chilly during the reception, consider a matching jacket or shawl.  

If you are having an informal, outdoor wedding, consider a short dress rather than a long gown.  You might even consider a beautiful, white cotton sundress for your special day.  There are many short wedding dresses to choose from that are very appropriate for summer weddings. Another option would be to choose a lightweight long gown and have your bridesmaids wear sundresses in summer colors.  What a beautiful summer wedding that would be!

Beach weddings are very popular.  If you are having a beach wedding, there are many styles and fabrics to choose from for wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses.  Light, airy fabrics such as organza and chiffon make great dresses for beach weddings.  

Below you will find a few different wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses as inspiration when you begin shopping for your summer dresses.

Summer Dresses

Wedding Beach Gown


Beach Wedding

Wedding Short dress


Short Dress

summer Garden wedding gown


Garden Wedding

Short bridesmaid dress

Short Dress

Yellow bridesmaids dresses

Bright Colors


Great garden wedding dresses


Garden Wedding


Be sure to let your guest know if your wedding and/or reception will be taking place outdoors.  Your guests will want to consider all the same things as you when choosing their attire.  Unless your affair is very formal, you can expect your guests to be wearing lightweight clothing. For instance, you might find the women wearing beautiful sundresses and the men wearing lightweight slacks and short sleeve shirts.  

Don't expect the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom to be dressed in heavy fabrics and hot suits with jackets.  They will probably want to seek out lightweight, airy dreses or pantsuits.  

The important thing is that everyone involved in your wedding feels comfortable.  They should not have to worry about sweating and ruining nice clothing.  Even if you are having a very formal wedding, there are many different styles and fabrics everyone can choose from and still be comfortable even in the middle of summer.





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