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Summer Weddings

When it comes to weddings, summer is considered prime wedding season.  With most summer weddings being planned between June and October, you will be sure to find the perfect time for your summer wedding.  

Planning a summer wedding can be very easy indeed.  One really good aspect of planning a summer wedding is they lend themselves perfectly to a wedding weekend.  Many of your guests will be planning vacations during the summer months, so why not let your wedding be a part of their vacation?  Of course, for this to happen, you MUST send out save-the-date cards very early so your guests will have plenty of time to incorporate your wedding into their vacation plans.  

summer wedding

Many couples end up planning an outdoor wedding during the summer.  While this can be beautiful and lots of fun, you will definitely need to have a backup plan.  Summer showers are common in many places and can ruin all your plans if you don't have a backup.  Also, when planning an outdoor wedding during the summer, try to avoid the hottest part of the day.  Also, if possible, choose a location that is not in full sun, possibly in a shaded garden.  If you do choose to have your wedding in a location that is in the full sun, consider tents and some type of air conditioning.  Fans and portable outdoor air conditioning units have come a long way and offer the best of both worlds; a beautiful outdoor location with the comfort of an indoor venue.  

Another common type of summer wedding is the beach wedding.  Nothing is more romantic than to say your vows on a gorgeous beach at sunset with the sounds of the waves in the background.  However, there are things you must think about when planning your beach wedding. Consider who you will be inviting to your wedding.  If you are inviting your 80 year old grandmother, she may have a bit of difficulty walking on the sand.  You will also want to choose your own wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses very carefully as well.  If you have always envisioned wearing a dramatic, full ball gown, maybe a beach wedding is not for you.  Beach weddings lend themselves well to a more casual atmosphere.  You could even go so far as to wear a simple sundress as your wedding dress.  Of course, if you are set on a gown, that's okay as well.  Just be sure to choose one that fits the beach wedding environment.  

When it comes to choosing colors for your summer wedding, the choice is just about endless.  Summer weddings can have colors that range from the pastels to the neon brights.  Tropical colors such as orange, pink, aqua and green are very popular.  However, many brides choose to go with more muted colors such as beige and blue or aqua, especially if they are having a beach wedding.  Of course, it's your wedding day and you can choose any colors that suit your style, taste and venue.  

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