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When it comes to outfitting your bridesmaids and giving suggestions to your female guests for a summer wedding, sundresses are one of the ways you can go.  If you are having an informal and/or outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer, you may want to consider using sundresses as the bridesmaids dresses.  

Sundresses for beach weddings are the way to go.  You will be able to find beautiful yet low-cost sundresses easily.  An inexpensive beach wedding is enhanced even more when you are wearing a beautiful, yet simple sundress.  Keep this in mind -- girls who get married on the beach generally save their parents (or themselves) a ton of money just on the dresses alone!  Generally speaking, in a beach wedding, casual is better.  The more natural you look, the better.  It may even surprise you to know that many brides choose simple white sundresses that are purchased at discount department stores for under $100.  These women are not taken in by the "beach wedding planners" that say you MUST have a beach wedding a cost of upwards to $1000!  This is pure nonsense.  These dresses are not about you and your special day, they are all about making a profit.  

Sundresses are great for bridesmaids dresses as well.  Take a look at a few examples below to see how perfect they are for either beach weddings or outdoor weddings.  




Yellow sundress


Bright Sundresses

Beach sundress

Tea length sundresses


long sundress

Full length sundresses

If you are searching for beautiful sundress to use as your wedding dress, you can either look around at your local department stores or go online and search for your perfect dress.  There are many sites such as this one that can fill your need for a beautiful, white sundress.

There are many reasons you may want to choose a simple sundress as your wedding dress.  Many times, if you are having an outdoor wedding in a garden or on the beach, it may be difficult to maneuver if you are wearing a long ballgown or other full length gown.  Sometimes a short sundress will work better.  Long trains and veils drag on the ground and may not look as beautiful and white when it comes time for those memorable photos.  Temperature is another factor to consider.  A light and airy sundress will be much more comfortable than a gown made from heavy satin.  If you choose a simple and comfortable wedding sundress, you most likely will not feel the need to change for your reception, hence saving a bit of money.  There are many types of sundresses to choose from, both long and short that would be appropriate for an outdoor and/or summer wedding.  










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