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Titanium Rings

Titanium has become a standard choice in today's jewelry industry.  Along with gold and platinum, there are numerous options when it comes to metals.  Traditionally, platinum and gold have been the most popular choice in wedding rings.  However, recently titanium has silently become a formidable rival.  As with any major jewelry purchase, there are questions you should consider when thinking of purchasing titanium rings.  However, what exactly is titanium.

Titanium is a natural element with the atomic number of 22.  It has a silver-grayish-white color.  Titanium is the hardest known natural metal in the world .  In fact it is much stronger than gold, silver and platinum and 3 times as strong as steel, yet it is very light weight.  Titanium is so abundant in the universe that it has even been discovered in space.  

Let's weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of titanium rings.

The Advantages

  • Titanium rings are much less like to cause an allergic reaction to the metal.
  • Titanium is very lightweight which makes it great for people that don't wear jewelry because of it's weight or bulkiness.
  • Titanium rings come in a very wide variety of styles, even some set with stones or die cut.  
  • Titanium rings are almost indestructible.  With that being said, don't shy away from a titanium ring because you fear it could not be cut off in the event of an emergency.  Just like any other hard metal, titanium can be cut with the right tool.  
  • Titanium is not a rare metal.  Therefore, it is very affordable.  It can be very difficult to find affordable and fashionable jewelry so titanium is a great alternative if you are on a limited budget but still want a fashionable ring.

 The Disadvantages

  • Because of its durability, titanium rings cannot be sized.  This could be a problem for a person whose weight fluctuates frequently.  However, because titanium is much less expensive than gold or platinum, if you did need a different size, you could always purchase another ring down the road.  
  • Titanium rings have less shine.  While titanium rings offer durability, they do not offer the shine and luster of a gold or platinum ring. 
  • This last disadvantage is sort of like an oxymoron.  Titanium is not a rare metal.  Because of it's affordability and the fact that it is not a precious metal, some people see it as an inferior metal for a treasured piece of jewelry.  

titanium rings

For many, many years couples have been wearing gold wedding rings to symbolize their love for each other.  Why not be a little bit different?  If you would like to be a bit more unique in how you symbolize your marriage, a titanium ring is a perfect choice.  Titanium rings are available in a wide variety of styles.  They can be textured or polished and can also be dyed many different colors.  Many titanium wedding rings have diamond embellishments and/or intricate carvings.  They can even be engraved with laser equipment.  




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