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Types Of Wedding Cakes

There are as many different styles, flavors and types of wedding cakes as there are wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, wedding rings and wedding venues.  How do you choose?  At first this can seem a daunting task.  However, with a little bit of research and planning, you can choose a wedding cake that will suit both bride and groom and coordinate with the style, feel and budget of your wedding.  

Here are a few things to consider when trying to choose the right wedding cake.  

-Think about the elements you have chosen for your wedding.  Are they fun/crafty, elegant/traditional, eclectic or very modern and contemporary? 

-Is your wedding cake a big priority in planning your wedding?

-Are you serving other desserts at your reception besides the wedding cake?  

-What do you feel is the most important element of the wedding cake?  The style, multiple flavors for guests to choose from, or the look and taste of the cake?

-Consider what your inspiration for your cake will be.  Will you use your wedding dress as inspiration or go with the colors and/or flowers in your wedding.  There many elements of your wedding that can be used as inspiration for your wedding cake.

-Who will be making your cake?  Will it be homemade by a friend or family member?  Will you hire a local baker?  

-What style of wedding will you be having?  Will it be traditional, very laid back and casual or will it be a contemporary club style affair?

-What type of decorations do you prefer?  Clean, simple lines, contemporary colors and shapes, or fun and quirky designs?

-How will the cake be displayed?  Will it be on a beautifully decorated table, will it be on a grand stand or will it be just simply displayed on a table?  

-What type of budget are you working with?  Budget can have a big impact on your choice of wedding cake.  Consider everything carefully so you can stay within your budget

When searching for the perfect wedding cake you are very likely to come across some of these most popular types of wedding cakes.  

White Cake.  This the by far the most popular and what most people would call traditional.  If you want the traditional white cake, but want a little punch of flavor, you can opt to use a fruit flavored filling.  

Chocolate Cake.  Although this seems like a cake you would not want at a wedding, chocolate cake is a crowd pleaser.  Many people LOVE chocolate cake.  You might want to consider at least one layer of your cake being chocolate or be decadent and make the whole thing chocolate!  You can either disguise it with white fondant icing or be bold and ice it in chocolate for a delectable treat.  

Lemon Cake.  This is a very refreshing cake flavor and perfect for an outdoor or summer wedding.  However, history has shown that women tend to enjoy lemon cake more than men, so make sure your groom is okay with a lemon cake prior to finalizing that order.  

Carrot Cake.  While not exactly traditional, carrot cake is a great choice for a fall wedding.  Be warned, however.  If you are expecting the traditional cream cheese frosting of a carrot cake, you should know the color will be more cream colored than white.  Also, cream cheese frosting IS NOT for a hot summer day.  

Butter cream or Fondant?  Most wedding cakes have either butter cream or fondant icing.  Both have their good and bad points.  Discuss this with your baker and be sure to have a taste test.  Some people LOVE the look of fondant but really dislike the taste.  

Here are a few examples of different types of wedding cakes.  Take a look and then go out and have fun searching for your own very special cake!

Types of Wedding Cakes

Traditional Fondant

Traditional Fondant




Butter cream



















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