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As the ultimate location for destination weddings, Hawaii is the last of the 50 United States to be admitted into the Union and the only state that is made up entirely of islands.  

The warm tropical climate, active volcanoes, natural scenery and abundance of public beaches make Hawaii the perfect location for just about any type of outdoor wedding, but particularly for Hawaii Beach Weddings.

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Kauai which is the northern most and oldest island in the island chain has dramatic, natural beauty which is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts.  Probably the most romantic of all the island, Kauai has many beautiful beach locations as well as private waterfall locations that are perfect areas to host your wedding ceremony.  

Oahu which is home to the state capitol and most of Hawaii's population boasts quite the mix of natural and cultural elements along with the modern arts, amenities and entertainment of the 21st century.  Oahu is also home to Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach which is what most people think of when they are envisioning a Hawaiian beach wedding.  

If you are planning your wedding for the winter, you may want to consider Maui which is the second largest island.  During the winter, the Humpback whales migrate to the shores right off Maui and you may be lucky enough to catch one as a backdrop for your wedding photographs.  There are many fabulous beach wedding sites as Maui has what are believed to be the most beautiful beaches in the world.  

The island of Hawaii, otherwise known as Hawaii's Big Island, has many unique lava and sand beach wedding locations.  There are many varied types of wedding locations as well from the typical sandy beaches to snow capped mountains.  The island of Hawaii is also home to Hawaii's most active volcano, Kilauea.  During your wedding getaway on  Hawaii's Big Island, you can treat your guests to snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing off the Kona coast.  

No matter where you choose to get married in Hawaii, there is truly a location that will suit anyone.  

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