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Illinois is the fifth most populous state of the United States.  Illinois has a broad economic basis from agriculture in central and northern Illinois to natural resources such as timber, coal and petroleum in the south.  Illinois is a great transportation hub.  For many decades, O'Hare International Airport was ranked as one of the busiest airports in the world.  

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 Illinois became a state in 1818 and Chicago was founded on the banks of the Chicago River in the 1830's.  By the 1900's a growing wealth of industrial jobs in the north and coal mining in the south and central area was attracting immigrants from both Eastern and South Europe.  Illinois became an important manufacturing center throughout both world wars.  

Three of the United States Presidents were elected while living in Illinois - Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Barack Obama.  However, Ronald Reagan was the only United States President  who was actually born and raised in Illinois even though his political career was based in California.  Illinois' official state slogan, Land of Lincoln, has been on its license plates since 1954. 

From the great city of Chicago to the Shawnee National Forest, Illinois has the perfect wedding spot for every couple.  If you don't plan on having a traditional church wedding, be sure to look for a venue that can accommodate both your ceremony and your reception all in one location.  Just about every venue offers this option and it cuts down on the stress of planning your wedding.  No matter what type of wedding you are planning, a chic urban affair or relaxed midwestern barbecue, you are sure to find the perfect locale in Illinois.  

Shawnee National Forest

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