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Located in the Midwestern United States and the Great Lakes Region of North America, Indiana is the nations 38th largest state by area.  If you are wanting to plan a nice, Midwestern style wedding, Indiana is the perfect location.  

Planning a wedding in Indiana is not a difficult task as there are four major metropolitan areas that will have everything you need to check all the items you have listed on your wedding checklist.  Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Evansville are the major metropolitan areas in the state and have many shops and venues available for a wedding.  

Indiana wedding

There are many beautiful areas of Indiana that can be the perfect venue for your wedding.  If you are wanting an beautiful outdoor wedding during the fall months, you may want to consider hosting your wedding in Brown County.  Brown County State Park has thousands of visitors each year that come to visit and see the beautifully colored foliage during the autumn months.  

Story Inn in Brown County is one of the most desirable venues in the state in which to host your wedding.  They have many different areas where you can have your wedding ceremony and/or reception and they take care of all the details for you which will leave you time to check out some of the area's attractions during your down time.  

Of course, if you are a Nascar fan, you may want to consider hosting your wedding in Indianapolis which is home to Nascar's Brickyard 400 as well as the Indianapolis 500 for Indy Car fans.  Many people have hosted informal weddings in the infield (when it was still open to the public) or in the new camping areas of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  If that is not your style and you want something a bit more elegant, Indianapolis has many suitable venues within the city to host your wedding ceremony and reception.  

As a huge metropolitan area, Indianapolis has all the stores, shops and venues you can possibly imagine to pull off an amazing wedding.  If you are wanting to shop for wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses, there are many bridal shops in and around the city that can accommodate all your needs.  Fountain Square Theater is one of the area's most unique venues and even offers duck pin bowling and overnight accommodations.  

No matter what area of Indiana you choose to host your wedding, you can rest assured you will be able to find all the resources necessary for your wedding to be the one-of-a-kind event you always dreamed of.  

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