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Pennsylvania, which is officially called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state in the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes areas of the United States.  Pennsylvania has a population of roughly 12,800,000 residents which makes it the 6th most populated state in the US.   The state is 46,055 square miles in size and is the 33rd largest state in the US.

Pennsylvania is bordered by six states:  New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.  It also shares a water border with Ontario.  It is one of the original thirteen colonies and is the only one that does not border the Atlantic Ocean.

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Because of its diverse topography, Pennsylvania has a variety of climates.  The entire state has humid summers and cold winters.  However, the majority of the state has a humid continental climate.  Closer to the Philadelphia area, there is more of a humid subtropical climate and toward the mountains the winters are much colder.  Some of the more western areas of the state near Lake Erie can sometimes receive up to 100 inches of snow per year.   

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state and has many different areas that are perfect destinations for a wedding.  The Poconos is often referred to as the "Romance Capital of the World."  The Pocono Mountains are over 2,400 square miles of awesome waterfalls and rolling mountain terrain along with over 150 miles of beautiful winding rivers.  

In Philadelphia and its beautiful surrounding countryside there is an abundance of wineries, B&B's, and resorts where you can host a spectacular wedding.  This area makes a wonderful location for hosting a full on wedding weekend.  

The Great Lakes Region around Lake Erie is most definitely a great location for a couple who are nature lovers.  You can relax and fill in some of your free time with some of the many activities available to participate in on Lake Erie.  This area is also home to many vineyards and wineries as well.  

The Allegheny Mountains and Central Pennsylvania is the perfect area for a couple wanting a beautiful and tranquil outdoor wedding.  While many couples wanting an outdoor wedding will look into beach weddings, an outdoor wedding in the mountains or the surrounding areas can be every bit as beautiful and offers a variety of different seasons to take advantage of for your wedding day.  

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