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Wedding Albums

What exactly are wedding albums and are they really necessary?  Most couples that are planning a wedding choose to have the entire event documented by a professional photographer.  As part of their package, many of the photographers turn over a CD with all the images along with a license for the couple's personal use.  With this being the case, you might ask why a couple would need or want a wedding album.  Of course, this is a fair question.  You are spending thousands of dollars on your wedding with around 10% of that being on your photography.  Why do you need to spend any additional just for a wedding album?  Here are a few good reasons.

1 - As newlyweds, you are starting your new family and the wedding album will be your first family heirloom.  If properly cared for, your professional album could last generations.  Think about it this way.  You could show your grandchildren your wedding day images on the CD or you could sit down with them and show them this beautiful picture book and tell them the "story" of your wedding day which, of course, is the beginning of your own family story.

2 - Technology changes almost every day.  What if in 20 years your CD or DVD is unreadable?  Then what do you do?  However, if you have a beautiful album filled with your wedding photos, that will never change...or go out of style for that matter.  A wedding album is timeless and can be passed on for generations.

3 - Look at it this way.  What if all your wedding photography was done on film?  At the end, all the photographer gave you were the negatives.  You would probably not be very happy with that.  Basically, that's what you get when you get a CD.  These are unedited, high resolution photos.  It's great to know you have the CD in case something were to happen and you need reprints.  It's also wonderful to know you can make a copy of a favorite photo for a friend or family member.  However, this isn't the best way to view your photos or to display them.

wedding albums


You may be the type of couple that would like to make your own wedding album.  This is something that is a possibility. There are many options for do-it-yourself wedding albums.  Just like do it yourself wedding invitations, information on how to put together your own wedding album and where to order the prints from can be found on the web. Just do an internet search and you are sure to find all the information you could possibly need to make your very own beautiful wedding album.

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