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Wedding Announcements

What exactly are wedding announcements and do I need them?  Wedding announcements are a way to get the word out about your wedding to the people who either cannot attend your wedding or whom you do not want attending your wedding.  Let's face it, you can't invite everyone you know and have met in your lifetime to your wedding.  Announcements are a way to let everyone know about your upcoming wedding making them feel obligated to send a gift.  

Generally, your wedding announcements will be similar in style to your wedding invitations.  Wedding announcements will announce an event that is happening very shortly or has already happened.  Therefore, they should be mailed the morning of your wedding or possibly, a day or so ahead of time.  Use the same style of wording in your announcements (formal or contemporary for example) as you do on your wedding invitations.  

Here is one example of the type of wording used in a wedding announcement.

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

announce the marriage of their daughter

Mary Smith 


Mr. Mark Jones

Sunday, the first of March

Two thousand and twelve

St. Thomas Church

Los Angeles, California 


If the bride and groom have eloped, a wedding announcement can be send to let friends and family they have gotten married.  After having eloped, many couples will choose to have a small reception to celebrate their marriage.  In this case, it would be appropriate to include your wedding registry on the wedding announcement.  Basically this type of announcement works as an announcement and invitation all in one.

A more contemporary option (and more environmentally friendly) is an online wedding announcement.  There are a few ways you can announce your wedding online.  You can send a mass e-mail to everyone you wish to inform.  Also, if you already have a wedding website created, you can announce your wedding there.  There are some websites such as,, and that offer free online invitation and announcement options.  

Social media can also be a way to put out wedding announcements.  If you are an avid Facebook or Twitter fan, this is a quick and easy way to announce your marriage.  Give a tweet or post it to your Facebook page.  Pretty soon, the whole world will know!

Another good way to announce your wedding, particularly if you eloped or it was a destination wedding, is to send a photo post card.  Use a photo from your actual wedding and have it printed as a post card.  Then send this to everyone to whom you wish to announce your wedding.  This is great for out of town relatives that were unable to attend your wedding.

announcement postcard








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