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Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are a very important part of your wedding day attire.  Your wedding dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, hair and wedding bouquet will all be in the forefront of your many photos.  It's no wonder at all that brides will search high and low, stress and worry when searching for their bridal bouquets.  Here are a few tips to make your search just a bit easier.

Research which flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding.  Not only will the flowers be less expensive, they will also be plentiful. If you can't see them up close because they are not in season when you are shopping, be sure to see pictures of them.  This will give you a good idea of what the flower will look like for your bouquet.  

Talk at length with your florist.  Make certain the florist will have the flowers you desire at the time of your wedding.  He/She should be able to quote you prices as well.  

Get second and even third opinions.   Never discount the experience of a bride that has already gone down your road.  Many women make lists of things they would do differently if they had the change.  Others can tell you of things they learned after their own wedding.  Too late for them, but lucky for you.  

Decide how long you want your bouquet to last.  Do you want to be able to display your bouquet next to your framed wedding photograph?  If so, silk flowers, properly treated, can last forever.  Fresh flowers will wilt, sometimes before the start of the ceremony if not taken care of properly.  They can be dried to preserve them, but remember the colors will not be as vibrant once the flowers have been dried.  

If you find some flowers you think you like,  keep them around your house for several days.  This is the best way to decide if you like the look and smell of the flowers. Looking at bunches of different flowers at the florist shop can be overwhelming and you will most likely forget more than half the flowers you looked at.  

Do you really want a floral wedding bouquet?  Some brides choose to walk down the aisle without a bouquet.  Some carry an item of special meaning to them.  Others carry unique wedding bouquets made of items such as brooches, buttons, shells, ribbon, etc. These types of bouquets can usually be kept forever.  

Something else to consider is your dress.  If you dress is very patterned, you will want to make a bold choice in your flowers.  You don't' want your bridal bouquet to fade into the background of your dress.  While shopping for your wedding bouquet, keep a photo of your gown with you. Don't forget to shop for your bridesmaids bouquets as well.  While you will want their bouquets to compliment yours and their bridesmaids dresses, you won't want their bouquets to be exact mini versions of your own wedding bouquet.  You might choose to use the same flowers and colors that compliment their dresses or use colors that match your bouquet, but with different flowers.   


Wedding Bouquets
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