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Wedding Centerpieces

The wedding centerpieces at your reception will help to create the mood of your party.  Guests will feel you are having a casual, chic, fun or elegant party depending on your centerpiece selections.  The centerpieces are not a necessity, but they will certainly help to complete the overall look and feel of your wedding reception.  

By far, the most common wedding centerpieces are flowers.  Many people choose to mix candles and flower petals with floral arrangements for their centerpieces.  This is very beautiful, but also very common.  Also, if you are having large floral arrangements on each and every table, the cost could become quite steep.  A good way to keep the cost of your wedding centerpieces down is to use local, in-season flowers.  

Wedding centerpieces can be custom designed by a florist who specializes in doing wedding flowers and bridal bouquets, or homemade by your and/or your friends and family.  Either option can produce beautiful wedding centerpieces.  The decision whether to purchase your wedding centerpieces custom made or to make them yourself may be largely dependent on a few things.  Some points to consider when trying to decide if you want to do-it-yourself follows:


-Time available

-Your (or your helpers) abilities

 -Availability of supplies

-Creativity (of your and/or your helpers)

A great deal of information and advice on how make your own wedding centerpieces can be found on the web.  YouTube is an excellent resource for do-it-yourself information.  Just take a look at the video below.



As you can see, it is fairly simple to make your very own wedding centerpieces -- much easier than choosing your bridal gown!  Just about anyone can accomplish this task and, if you choose locally available and in season flowers, you can definitely keep costs down.  

There are other types of wedding centerpieces you may want to consider as well.  You can choose to use balloons, candles or a combination of candles and flowers.  These are just a few suggestions.  Check out the links below for some great ideas on alternative wedding centerpieces.

Martha Stewart Weddings 

Offbeat Bride

Ballroom Balloons

While the links above give some really great ideas, consider the feel of your wedding when deciding on what type of centerpieces you will want to use.  If the wedding is very elegant and sophisticated, you may not want to go with whimsical wedding centerpieces.  For instance, outdoor weddings lend themselves well to wedding centerpieces that are not the typical floral arrangement.  You can use wood, leaves, moss or a combination of any or all of these items along with some flowers.  Use your imagination and be creative.  It's your wedding and you should put your stamp on the way it looks.  

Take a look at the photos below to get your creative juices flowing.


Wedding Centerpieces




Floating Candles

tall flowers

Tall Floral

short flowers

Low Floral


Fall Leaves




Glass Bowl with Shells




Low Balloons










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