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Wedding Dresses

First Things First

Now that you are engaged, the very first thing you will be thinking about are wedding dresses or wedding gowns.  Don't even think about trying on any dresses until you have pinned down a few crucial logistics:  What time of the year will the wedding take place (hot, cold or comfortable)?  Where will the wedding be held (indoors, outdoors, beach, etc.)?  Where will the reception be held (outdoor tent, rental hall, etc.)?  Considering all these factors prior to deciding on a dress style/type will prevent you from selecting a dress that will not be appropriate for your particular wedding.  

 Other Things to Consider

Budget:  Budget is one of the biggest factors to consider.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough.  However, if you are on a limited budget, the stress can be overwhelming.  After pinning down the logistics for your wedding (the overall look and feel will come from this), budget is the VERY next thing to consider.  The WORST thing you could do is to fall in love with a dress that you cannot fit into your budget.    If your budget is limited, there are many low cost options to consider.  If you have a family member or close friend that is an excellent seamstress, you may want to have your dress custom made.  This is a wonderful option and will give you a completely custom gown for only the cost of the materials....far less than you would pay retail.  Here is a good place to start if you are planning to have your dress homemade:  Another option is to shop the local consignment shops and thirft stores.  These can be excellent sources for gently used and/or vintage wedding dresses.  Many bridal shops have annual or semi-annual clearance sales and off season sales.  If you are having a destination wedding (for instance warm beach weddings in the middle of December), you may be able to take advantage of a great off season sale in your cold weather area.  Summer gowns will be on sale during the cold months and vice versa.  

Body Type:  Another important thing to consider when choosing your wedding dress is your body type.  Which body type are you?  Do you have a classic hourglass figure?  Are you more pear shaped?  Determining your body type will help you to determine the silhouette that is right for you.  

Appropriate Style:  You must also determine whether your wedding will be formal, semi-formal or informal.  This will determine the proper style of dress for your wedding.  For instance, you would not want to wear a ball gown with a cathedral length train and veil if you were having a simple, informal gathering in your home or at the courthouse.  Likewise, if you were being married in a grand cathedral, a short, simple dress may not be the appropriate dress either.  Here are some samples of wedding dress styles.


Wedding Dress Styles

a-line wedding dress


ballerina wedding dress


ballgown wedding dress


empire wedding dress


mermaid wedding dress


princess wedding dress


sheath wedding dress


short wedding dress


trumpet wedding dress


 Comfort:  You will be spending the better portion of the most important day in your wedding dress.  You will want to be comfortable whether you are indoors or out, sitting or standing, dancing or taking your vows.  When choosing your dress, be sure to test it out.  Raise your arms as if you were dancing.  Be sure you can sit comfortably in your dress.  Make sure walking will be easy and safe.  Make sure the fabric and style will be comfortable in the environment you will be spending the most time (outdoors and warm, indoors and air conditioned or heated). Does the the dress feel too restrictive or too revealing?  These are all considerations when choosing your dress for this most important day.  

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