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Wedding Gift Ideas

You have a friend or relative that will be getting married soon and you need to find the perfect wedding gift.  However, you don't have a clue where to start shopping for wedding gifts or what to buy.  Here are a few wedding gift ideas to get you started.

Money - Money may seem uncreative or impersonal.  However, money is the number one recommendation for a wedding gift.  Most couples are or will be saving for something big such as a house, furniture, car or even paying back student loans.  If they receive money as a gift, they may even be able to spend a bit of extra time on their honeymoon or do something special while away.  It may be considered rude for the couple to ask for money, but it is never considered rude to give cash as a gift.  If you still feel you need to give something personal, attach a check to a nice photo frame or some other nice, but inexpensive gift.  

An expensive gift from their registry.  Most couples add some expensive gifts on their registry as "dream gifts."  They don't actually expect they will receive these gifts because of their cost.  However, whether you are wealthy enough to purchase the item yourself or you organize a group of friends and/or family to purchase a big ticket item, you will be instrumental in giving the couple one of their wedding dreams.

A "honeymoon suite" for their wedding night.  What better way to start off their new marriage than in a luxurious hotel room after their joyous, yet tiring day?  Check with the bride's maid of honor or her mother to make sure they don't already have arrangements made.  You will want to give the gift early so they can include this night into their honeymoon plans.  

honeymoon suite

A gift that will last over time.  You might want to consider a bottle of wine with instructions to share it on their 20th wedding anniversary.  You may also consider having their wedding invitation framed  beautifully.  A beautiful antique is also a good choice.  Basically, something the couple can look at many years down the road and remember you by.

Make the honeymoon extra special.  If you have visited the place the couple will be going for their honeymoon, a gift certificate to a restaurant you found was great or to an activity you particularly enjoyed would be a great gift.  Another way to make their honeymoon special would be to upgrade their plane tickets to first class.  A little spending money placed into a guidebook of their destination area is a special surprise any couple would appreciate.  

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