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You have tried on loads of wedding dresses and finally chosen the perfect one.  Now it is time to accessorize your look and shop for some wedding jewelry.  But what exactly is wedding jewelry?  Is it your engagement and wedding rings?  Does it include hair accessories?  What is appropriate to wear as wedding jewelry?  These are all questions that a bride may be asking and we're here to shed a little light on the subject.  

First things first.  Yes, your engagement and wedding rings are considered wedding jewelry.  It can be assumed that by the time you have chosen your wedding dress and are ready to accessorize it, you have probably already chosen your wedding ring.  Keep in mind the style of your wedding and engagement rings.  If they are very simple and not adorned with large, flashy diamonds, you really don't want to overpower them with other large, over the top jewelry.  

The next thing you need to consider is the style of your wedding dress.  Is it a simple dress or a grand ball gown with tons of beading?  These are important things to consider when choosing your wedding jewelry.  If your gown is simple, you will want to choose jewelry that is considered classic such as pearls or simple diamonds.  If your gown is more elaborate, you can choose jewelry with a bit more flash.  

However, keep in mind that your jewelry should not detract from any embellishments on your gown.  For instance, if the bodice of your gown is heavily beaded, you may not want to wear an overly large, flashy necklace.  Also, if, for instance, your gown is embellished with pearls, you probably don't want to choose diamond accessories.  Choose wedding jewelry that is mostly comprised of pearls with possibly some small diamond accents.  Now if your wedding dress has crystals adorning it, you could go with some beautiful diamond jewelry.  Just keep in mind that you do not want your wedding dress and your wedding jewelry to be competing.  Each should compliment the other.

Another thing to think about is what pieces will you be choosing for your wedding jewelry.  Will you just wear a necklace and earrings?  Some brides like to have a bracelet as well.  If you choose a bracelet, pay particular attention to the one you choose.  You don't want your bracelet to outshine your wedding and engagement rings.  

Lastly, whether you have chosen to wear a veil or not, you may choose to wear some type of hair jewelry.  This might be a small tiara, with or without a veil.  If you have chosen not to wear a veil, you might choose a beautiful diamond or pearl hair comb, particularly if you are considering wedding updos as your hairstyle.  

Here are a few examples of different types of wedding jewelry.

Wedding Jewelry Examples
with tiara elaborate hair jewelry





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