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Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs.  Not sure why you need or want them?  Wedding programs may not be as important as wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses, but the program has many purposes.  First, it is where you can introduce your wedding party and any special or honored guests.  It is also a wonderful way to explain traditions or rituals your guests may not be familiar with and to let your guests know what's coming up next.  

Don't feel as if your programs must be "by the book."  Programs can come in a variety of styles and formality, they can be purchased or you can take the do it yourself wedding program approach.  Either way, the program will be uniquely yours.  

Wedding programs need not follow any specific rules.  However, with that being said, there are a few things that should really be included in most programs.  

Common Elements of a Wedding Program

The Cover - This usually includes the date and names of the couple.  It may also have the location and time of the ceremony and possibly some other design element.  

Order of Events - On the inside of your program a list of events in the order they will happen is useful.  This may include, music, greetings, readings/prayers, any traditions or rituals, unity ceremony and recessional.  This is only a sample of what may be included and may not include essential elements to your wedding.

Members of the Bridal Party - A simple list of the Officiant, Parents and/or Stepparents of the bride and groom, Grandparents, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Junior Bridal Party, and special guests.

Other Possible Inclusions - You may want to include an explanation of traditions or rituals, thank yous, memorials, explanation of significant ceremonies, theme or song, etc., and directions to the reception.

Here are a few examples of different types of wedding programs.

Wedding Programs



wedding program



Wedding Program Booklet

single page program

Single Page Wedding Program



layered program



Layered Wedding Program


Purchased or DIY?

The choice to either purchase your wedding programs or go the DIY route will depend on many factors.  Budget, of course, is a big factor. However, just like wedding invitations, you may end up not saving very much money by making them yourself.  Be sure you have enough time and skill to make your own programs.  There are many software applications that can be purchased or found for free on the internet.  If you are thinking about making your own wedding programs, do your research first.  This can be a very fun and rewarding project, just don't let yourself get overwhelmed.  


Check out the YouTube video below for a helpful tutorial on how to make a wedding program.  


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