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Wedding Shower Games

Many bridesmaids and maids of honor have bridal showers down to a science. They can coordinate everything from the perfect menu to the theme and decorations. Most people realize that a few fun games will create a playful atmosphere and help to minimize any awkwardness caused by just mingling around at the party.  Coming up with wedding shower games doesn't need to be a stressful task.  Many games require little to no planning and/or supplies.  Most wedding shower games are kept a little more tame with the racier games being reserved for the bachelorette party.  Remember the mother of the bride and, possibly, the mother of the groom will be in attendance.  Best not reveal too much to them!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress and Veil

This games requires just about no prep at all.  Just run down to the nearest discount store and pick up bunches of the cheapest toilet paper you can find.  For the actual game, divide the guests into groups of 3 or 4.  One person is each group will be selected as the 'bride."  The remainder of the group uses the toilet paper to dress the "bride" in a gown and veil made completely from toilet paper.  The guest of honor (the real bride) will choose the winning team.  This is great fun and makes for some wonderful photos to add to a scrapbook.

The Clothespin Game

Conversation during a bridal shower generally revolves around the upcoming wedding festivities.  This game is centered around wedding related words.  Each guest is given a predetermined number of clothespins when they arrive.  At the start of the party a taboo word or words is announced (wedding, gown, the groom's name, etc.).  If any guest utters the taboo word (or words) the first guest to catch her can steal a clothespin. The object of the game it to get to the end of the shower with the highest number of clothespins.  This game seems deceptively easy.  However, in the excitement of the game and the upcoming wedding day, these words tend to slip out no matter how hard you try.

Bridal Bingo

While this game requires a little more prep, it will be well worth it in the end.  The shower host will need to make up Bingo cards prior to the wedding shower.  Each card will have BINGO across the top.  However, instead of number, wedding related words and phrases will be used.  Examples would be the wedding venue, the groom's name, bouquet, wedding dress, etc.  You get the picture.  Any words or phrases you can think of that would be used in relation to a wedding.  Rather than just using plain markers or marking out the squares, the guest can use candy hearts to mark when a word of phrase is called on their card. 

 bridal bingo


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