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Wedding Shower Invitations

You have been chosen to be your best friend's maid of honor at her wedding.  What an honor.  However, with this honor comes a few traditional responsibilities.  One of these is the wedding shower.  If you are planning to host a wedding shower for your friend, one of the very first things you will be thinking about are the wedding shower invitations. Wedding shower invitations tend to go anywhere from sweet and simple DIY projects to totally high end embossed invitations.  The options are truly limitless.  What's more, you can find wedding shower invitations to suit just about any budget.  

Even though there are many more options available for wedding shower invitations, the way they are sent out remains pretty much the same as in the past.  They must be sent snail mail only.  Also, the invitations should be mailed anywhere from a month to six weeks in advance of the shower.  However, if you are planning the shower further out and you feel save-the-dates are necessary, these can be sent as an e-mail. You can get very creative with these and use one of the popular e-card websites.  

shower invite


Another point to remember when preparing to mail wedding shower invitations is that the shower is presumably for the bride's closest friends.  Therefore, every shower guest must already be on the guest list for the wedding and should have probably already received the wedding invitation.

If you are the creative type, you can certainly make your own wedding shower invitations.  This is especially the case if the bride will be making her own wedding invitations as well.  If the wedding itself is very much a DIY affair, it would be great fun, and keep with the theme of the wedding, to make the shower invitations yourself.  A really good place to get some great ideas and advice is to search the web and YouTube.  You would be amazed at how much information you can find on "YouTube University."  Here is an example we found:


You can also check out some websites such as the ones below for some great ideas on how to make wedding shower invitations.  

How To Make A Bridal Shower Invitation

You can also go online to find wedding shower invitations that can be custom printed for you.  Of course, you can also go to your local office supply store or stationer to have your shower invitations printed as well.  Some of the large party supply stores also offer custom invitation printing services as well.  


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