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Wedding Songs

When choosing the music for your wedding, the most important song you will be choosing is your "wedding song."  This is the song that you and your new partner will dance to for the first time as a married couple.  

The song you choose should be a song that is meaningful to both of you and should make you feel as if you are the only two in the room while you are looking into each other's eyes while you are dancing.  It should be a song that will remain special to you for the rest of your lives and remind you of the deep love the two of  you share.  

wedding songs

Of course, there are other songs you will want to choose as well.  There will be the music that is played during your ceremony as well as the music that is played during the reception.  Both are very important and will set the tone for your wedding.  

When choosing music for your wedding ceremony you might consider many things before choosing the music.  Here are a few tips to help you in making this all important decision.  

1 - When choosing wedding songs, consider the type of ceremony you are having.  Is it a more traditional ceremony or more on the contemporary side?  If you are having a very traditional wedding ceremony, you may want to consider the the classics such as Here Comes the Bride or Pachelbel's Canon in D. Both of these songs are classical instrumental pieces and have been used in weddings since probably before your great grandparents were married.  You definitely cannot go wrong with either one.  However, if you are planning a very contemporary ceremony, you may want to consider something that is more contemporary and reflects your style a little better.

2 - You need to consider where your wedding will be taking place.  If you are getting married in a church, your selections may have to be limited to something more traditional and/or religious.  However, if your ceremony will be held outdoors or in some type of banquet hall, you may feel more comfortable using contemporary music.  You will also want to consider how sound will travel in your chosen venue.  You may find that vocals are hard to understand in an outdoor setting and that some instrumentals may echo in a large indoor venue.  

3 - Be sure to think about how many songs you will need for your entire wedding ceremony.  You will need at minimum, songs to be played during the arrival of guests, a song for when the mothers are seated, a song for the processional, a song for the entrance of the bride and a song for the recessional.  Of course, depending on your ceremony, you may also incorporate songs for other aspects of your wedding ceremony as well such as the lighting of a unity candle or during the recognition of loved ones that have been lost.  

4 - You will also need to decide if there will be any special solos during the wedding ceremony.  You may have a family member of close friend that you would like to have sing or play an instrument during your ceremony.  Be sure to consider this when choosing your wedding ceremony music.  

5 - Decide if you will be using an instrument such as an organ or if you will utilizing the services of a DJ during your wedding ceremony.  If you choose to have your music played live, you will want to choose one main instrument.  Couples planning garden weddings may want to consider having a string quartet perform their wedding music.  This does not mean you cannot have a vocalist do a solo or have someone perform say a flute solo.  You will just want to choose one way to have your music played for the majority of your wedding ceremony.  

6 - Practice makes perfect.  Since most wedding rehearsals are held the day before the big event, this does not leave much time to correct any problems that are found in the timing of the music.  It is a good idea to practice prior to the actual wedding rehearsal to be sure the timing is correct.  This way you will have time to correct any problems without adding extra stress to the days leading up to your wedding day.  

7 - I could be best to leave the choice of wedding songs up to the professionals.  If you find the whole process overwhelming, consider letting your wedding planner make the choices for you.  Give your planner an idea of the type of music you are wanting and then leave it in their hands.  Wedding planners have lots of experience and know what works best for your particular type of wedding.  

8 - How are you going to choose the professionals that will be playing your music?  Like anything else in planning your wedding, you will need to do a bit of research to find the best possible match for what you are wanting and needing for your wedding.  There are many websites available to help you in this process.  Of course, you can ask friends and family that have used bands or DJ's in the past and get recommendations as well.  

9 - Once you have chosen a band or DJ, be sure to get samples of their music.  If they are unable or unwilling to provide you with samples, move on down the line and choose someone else.  

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  Just like choosing your bridesmaids dresses and your wedding centerpieces, choosing your weddings songs is very important in putting the finishing touches on your perfect wedding day.  Be sure to take the time to do your homework so you have exactly what you want on your perfect wedding day.  

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