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Wedding Tuxedos

When planning a wedding, one thing that often gets left by the wayside are the wedding tuxedos.  As a general rule and depending on the formality of the wedding, the groom, his best man and groomsmen wear tuxedos of some sort.  While the bride will tell you that the wedding gown is the single most important article of clothing for the wedding day, the groom's tuxedo is actually equally important.  What good is it to have finally chosen the perfect gown from hundreds of different wedding dresses if your groom does not look equally as elegant with a tuxedo that compliments the style and formality of his bride's wedding gown.  

Right up there with choosing the bridesmaids dresses is choosing the attire for the groomsmen.  You will want to choose a style and color that compliments the bridesmaids dresses.  This does not mean the shirts, ties, cummerbunds or vest must exactly match the color of the dresses.  However, you may want to incorporate the color in a subtle manner.  


wedding tuxedos 

When it  comes to choosing a tuxedo, the key to the whole process is the fit.  The very first thing that must be done is to try on the tuxedo with everything that goes with it - shoes, shirt, tie, etc.  To check for the proper fit, put your arms at your side with your finger extended.  The bottom hem of the jacket should not be longer than your middle finger and the sleeve should just barely touch the top of your hand with the shirt peeking out no more than one inch.  The pants should just skim the heel of your shoes and break very slightly over the top of your shoes in  the front.  Of course, the groom should look his best on his wedding day.  For instance, a tall, slim man will look best in a double breasted jacket because the extra buttons tend to draw the eye toward the midsection.  If you would like to create a very debonair look, you may want to consider having the jacket altered by adding some extra padding in the shoulders and taking in the waist of the jacket just a bit. 

Another thing to consider when choosing your tuxedo is the style.  Of course, this will be largely dependent upon the formality of your wedding. Below we will discuss the different style and the appropriate use of each.

The Morning Coat:  This is a very traditional design and is the most formal style.  The jacket is black or gray, has a single button at the waist and a single broad tail in the back.  This style is worn with a winged-collared shirt and ascot with striped pants.  

The Dinner Jacket:  White or ivory in color.  The style has a shawl collar or peaked lapels.  The dinner jacket is great for the warm summer months, is appropriate for the afternoon or evening and can be an appropriate substitute for the standard tuxedo.  This style look particularly sharp with formal black pants with a satin stripe on the side.  It is completely appropriate to wear a white dinner jacket even if the groomsmen are wearing standard black tuxedo jackets.  

The Stroller Coat:  This is a variation of the morning coat which is usually hip length.  This style looks very good with a fancy waistcoat.  

Tails:  The jacket is short in front with two long tails in the back.  It is worn with suspenders, a white pique shirt, a vest and a bow tie.  This a very formal style.  

The Traditional Tuxedo or Black Tie:  Generally worn after 6 pm in the evening.  However, it can be worn for a formal wedding during the daytime anytime after noon. The traditional tuxedo jacket is worn with flat front pants, a bow tie along with a vest, suspenders or a cummerbund.  If you would like to have a bit of the elegance of tails without going full out, this tuxedo can be worn with a white vest and a white tie.  

Should you rent or purchase your tuxedo?  Purchasing a good suit or tuxedo is generally a better investment than just renting a cheap tuxedo. Unfortunately, a rented tuxedo LOOKS like a rented tuxedo.  They are generally uncomfortable and ill fitting.  Also, they can run as much as 50% of the purchase price of the average tuxedo.  If you are spending that much to rent a tuxedo, why not put a bit more into it and purchase one.  If you actually own a tuxedo, you will most likely get more use out of it than you might expect.  Also, take into consideration you will be looking at the photos that are taken on your wedding day for the rest of your life.  If you do choose to rent your tuxedo, leave the rental shoes behind.  Rental shoes never fit well and look even worse than the fit.  Shine up a pair of your own dress shoes which makes much more sense.  Another thing to remember if you are renting your tuxedo is to pick it up a few days in advance.  Make sure everything fits right, all buttons are secure and there are no cigarette burns, stains or other damage.  

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