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Wedding Updos

Are you looking for the perfect way to wear your hair on your wedding day?  Some brides choose to wear their hair down in beautiful curls while other choose wedding updos.  

A bride's hairstyle should complement, not compete with her gown.  Your hairstyle should reflect the formality of your gown and your wedding in general.  For a simple, contemporary dress, you would want to wear your hair slicked back or in a very sleek blow-out.  An outdoor wedding with beautiful, flowery dresses would lend itself well to loose curls, possibly sprinkled with tiny flowers.  However, if you are planning a formal wedding and will be wearing a dress such as a formal ball gown, you will want to consider a dramatic updo.  

For now, we are focusing on wedding updos.  What exactly is an updo?  An updo is created when all, or most of the hair is pulled up and arranged artfully on the back or top of the head.  Updos are perfect for wearing a veil or hair ornament.

After you have searched through many different wedding dresses and chosen the perfect one, then it is time to choose the type of wedding updo you want to wear.  

The shape of the bride's face plays a big part in which type of updo she will choose. Basic face shapes are round, oval, square and heart. Each shape requires a different hairstyle to frame the bride's face properly and to highlight her best facial assets.  An example would be a round face which would benefit from an updo with a bit of height on top.  This type of updo softens a round face shape.  

When choosing your wedding updo, be sure to consider the veil and/or any hair ornaments you will be wearing.  This will have a huge impact on exactly how your hair will be styled.  Keep in mind that if you will be wearing a veil, it will be pulled back during the ceremony.  The hairstyle and your veil or hair ornament should complement each other, not compete with each other.  

One of the very best ways to get an idea of what type of hairstyle you want to wear for your wedding day is to look through bridal magazines and on the internet at different hairstyles.  Pay attention to the facial shapes of the models and choose styles that complement your particular facial shape.  Take a look below for a few examples of wedding updos.  This is just a small example of the many different styles you can choose from, but it is a place to begin.  

Wedding Updos
curly tousled flower updo
with veil sleek low bun






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