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Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are generally made from tulle or lace and have two parts.  One part stays at the back of the head while the other part is worn over the bride's face (a blusher).  At the end of the ceremony, the blusher is lifted by the groom and placed onto the back of the brides head.  Veils are generally white or off white in color which is usually determined by the color of her wedding gown.  


There are many different types of wedding veils.  Here are the types and a short description of each.

Birdcage veils.  These are the shortest in length and have enjoyed a renewed popularity in recent years.  They are generally worn just covering the eyes or sometimes extending down to the chin.  Very stylish for the more modern bride.

birdcage veil

Shoulder length veils.  These are not as common recently but can be perfect for a fashion forward bride.  They end between the shoulders and middle of the back.  These veils are great for a modern, chic wedding and work very well with contemporary wedding gowns.

shoulder length veil 

Elbow length veils.  These veils are elegant and very easy to handle.  When combined with a blusher, they are very romantic.  They are a quite informal veil making them ideal for a tea length gown or a daytime wedding.

 elbow length veil

Fingertip length veils.  This is by far the most popular veil and flatters most brides and their wedding gowns.  This is the look Kate Middleton rocked at the Royal Wedding.  

 fingertip length veil

Ballet length veils.  You don't see this type of veil very often.  However, you get the look of a longer veil without having to worry about tripping over it.  It can also be called a waltz length veil (because you can still dance while wearing it). Generally, It can fall anywhere between the knee and the ankle.  

 ballet length veil

Chapel length veils.  These veils go all the way down to the ground.  They are also sometimes called sweep veils.  These may drape a bit but do not have a train.  These are for formal weddings and are very elegant and romantic.  Many times these are combined with a blusher and/or elbow length veil for a layered effect.  

 chapel length veil

Cathedral length veils.  These are the most grand and formal veils.  While they can be quite a pain to manage, their beauty and the impression they make are well worth the hassle.  These are generally used only for the most formal weddings.  

 cathedral length veil

If you are having a hard time finding the perfect veil for your wedding day, you can always have your veil custom made for you or even make your own veil. Making your own wedding veil is one of the easier do it yourself projects.  You can also find beautiful handcrafted veils on sites such at Etsy.  



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