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Just about everything in our lives is online today.  Most of us have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and post status updates regularly.  Why wouldn't we have a wedding website?  It is just an extension of our everyday lives.  Wedding websites are inexpensive (some are even free), fun and a great way to communicate with your wedding party, friends, family and guests.  It can be time consuming, especially if you choose to include a blog, but if you consider some of the time you will save by receiving your RSVP's online and possibly even using the site to invite all your guests, it will be well worth the time you put into it.

wedding website

Some people consider a wedding website a bit narcissistic.  While uploading hundreds of photos of yourself with stories of how you met and how your relationships blossomed may be a bit overboard, a simple website that shares important details about your upcoming wedding day and small anecdotes about your relationship can be fun and helpful for your wedding party and guests alike.  

Below you will find a few good reasons to start a wedding website along with some links to the more popular sites.  

  • You can save on printing costs.  Even if you choose to send your actual wedding invitations by standard mail, you can save on additional printing costs associated with save the date cards, invitations for your engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner and any wedding related correspondence.  This will save you time and money along with saving a few trees along the way as well.  
  • Easy access to your registry.  What better way to let your guests know where you are registered than to provide a link directly to the site on your wedding website.  
  • Changes.  No matter how hard you try to organize everything down to the last detail, many times there are last minute changes.  This can make for a major problem if you need to let everyone know of a last minute venue change.  However, if you have a wedding website, the change can be listed on the site in just a few minutes.  Then, with just a click of the mouse, you can send notices to everyone on your guest list.
  • Easily stay in contact with everyone.  Most wedding website templates have guest book and/or RSVP sections.  Have your guests sign the guest book and be sure to add their e-mail addresses.  This way you can send one e-mail to notify everyone of site updates instead of having to make 150 phone calls.  
  • You don't have time to deal with phone calls from 150 different guests.  Planning a wedding is exhausting. Why add extra stress to yourself, your parents or your maids by having to deal with phone calls asking about the venue, directions or hotel information.  Let everyone check the website for any updated information, to confirm the reception location and to find maps to the wedding venue.  
  • It's the "green" way to go.  No matter if you use your website to send ALL your correspondence, or just a portion (like receiving RSVP's on the website) of your correspondence, you are sure to save some cash on stamps and invites as well as the trees you will be saving by not using as many invitations or RSVP's.  Even if you don't go completely paperless but just ask for RSVP's to be sent through the site, every tiny bit helps out when it comes to keeping our carbon footprint small.  
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